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So Facebook rolled out the “like” button and threw page owners, Facebook users and Internet surfers for a bit of a loop and added a ton of questions to their laundry list of existing Facebook marketing and privacy questions.

So let’s answer just a few…

What does like mean? As explained by Facebook under the help section referring to social plugins, “These [social plugin] features enable you to share the things you care about on Facebook and with other visitors to that website through the activity feed and recommendations plugins. When you click a Like button, you create a connection, which enables the website to keep you updated through your News Feed and is displayed publicly on your profile.” For marketers and Website owners, this means you can install the social “like” button anywhere on your site and your site will show up on Facebook, even if you don’t have a presence. This functionality is part of the fuel to fire viral capabilities and drive traffic to specific places within your Website.

Why Like? As explained in a previous post, the change to the Facebook fan page is because Facebook assumes users will have an easier time clicking “like” instead of “become a fan.” This is supposed to raise the number of interactions and allow pages to gain more “People who like this” (or connections) instead of “fans.” But there is also something bigger…this change also allows the button to be consistent across the Internet and exist inside and outside of the Facebook platform.  We can like any and everything on the Internet equipped with the button. We continue to contribute our opinions everywhere we go online…and with every click we take.

Is Facebook taking over the world? You would think so since it is now everywhere on the Web and is integrated with the platform. Sites that immediately adpoted the functionality include,, Pandora, Yelp, and many more. It is safe to say that with these new functions, Facebook will soon be the owner of the largest database of people and their interests. Their upcoming ability to provide data on a large percent of the population and provide it to businesses for targeted marketing is astounding! …but the advantage for the user is simplified and relevant information delivered in the online space. For example, say you are checking into Best Buy on Foursquare and a coupon pops up for one of your favorite movies (which you rated on IMDB) and you can now purchase it at a discounted rate. Badabing! Basically, the Internet becomes personalized for you on all of your Internet accessible devices.

So yes, Facebook is growing and changing (and quickly). Whether we like it or not, Facebook is altering the landscape of the Web and helping marketers and users navigate through the clutter by increased customization, relevance and targeting.

Jen Cohen is a social media and marketing maven knocked down many times in 26 yrs. Something Creative

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