Implementing call-to-action prompts on your content

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As you go through the Web consuming content, you’re sure to encounter lots of content written specifically to get their site visitors and social media followers like you to click on a link, subscribe to a newsletter or watch an accompanying video. These are called call-to-action prompts. With these, content developers can reach out to their readers to help enrich their experience. It can also be a powerful tool for ushering people to the next level of their social engagements with a brand to further their Internet marketing campaigns, and help them attain their intended goals.

“Add us on Facebook…” or “Subscribe now…” or “To know more, call us at…” are all call-to-actions, commonly being used across the Interwebs. Call-to-actions are simple requests you ask your followers perform to further along your interactions, and provide more information about the topic you just talked about. They can prompt people to—

  • Read other related write-up, or watch accompanying multimedia content (like videos and podcasts)
  • Visit another Web site or another pager within the domain
  • Go to an actual physical location (great for a subtly inviting followers to drop by your office, or attend an event)
  • Leave a comment on a blog post, or leave a message to the site owner or blogger
  • Join your contents and other promotions
  • Share your content with your friends via e-mail, or through your social media profiles
  • Subscribe to your services, Web site, newsletter or RSS feed

Whether it’s the written word, videos, or audio podcasts, call-to-actions are great ways to supercharge your brand-follower relationships, and can help improve your reputation within and beyond your niche. These prompts can also be integrated as part of a brand’s social media marketing strategies, helping update readers of new products, services, or just other helpful content you also happen to have.

For effective call-to-action prompts, brands managers and content developers will need to write good ones to attract and compel people to follow them. Simple is the best way to go; complicated ones that involve one too many actions will feel more like chores and can thus discourage the site visitors from actually doing anything.

Call-to-action prompts are one of the many ways you can boost the engagements between your brand and your demographic, and enrich their experience within your brand’s ecosystem. To learn more about other content strategies, and get social media marketing tips, visit and its blog, subscribe to our daily mail, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter

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