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E-commerce businesses are always in search of new customers, and social media is an untapped goldmine for prospective buyers. A study released by CeBIT found that 81 percent of consumers are influenced by friends’ posts on social media when making purchasing decisions.

Exclusive offers.
Self-actualization is at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and for good reason. People generally feel the need to be accepted and be part of something exclusive, and retailers can take advantage of this. One of the leading principles of persuasion involves scarcity; applying this to marketing can help businesses increase their sales and social referrals. In fundamental economics, the less there is of something, the higher the demand for it.

On social, retailers can introduce countdown timers or posts that highlight discounts and limited-time deals to specific social media platforms can spark exclusivity and increase engagement, sales, and referrals.

Coupons and referral points
Coupons and referral points are among the seasoned marketer’s best weapons for increasing sales and influencing buyer intention. When looking for dining deals, coupon search engine Mamma revealed that as much as 81 percent of shoppers search and use coupons regularly.

Surprisingly, 83 percent of Mamma shoppers have made purchases based on coupons or referrals from friends. All these show the importance of creating positive experiences with customers through referral points, as well as coupons in mobile wallets and newsletters so these can be shared with others.

Free shipping
Right after considering the quality and price of your product, shoppers typically think of the shipping cost next. Removing shipping costs, however, will encourage them to buy more and make them feel that they’ve won or have gotten a bargain. Shoppers are also more likely to take action to avail of free shipping, which means you can get better customer satisfaction, more sales, and higher chances of referrals.

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