Integrating gamification into your social media marketing campaigns

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Among today’s social media strategies, gamification leverages on heavily engaging with your targeted audience through fun gaming elements to keep them engrossed to stay in your side of the social Web. With all the benefits it can offer brands, gamification can be a powerful tactic to roll out, leveraging on the rich and fun user experience for everyone involved. And the shared experiences between you and all the people engaging with you via your campaign can create great opportunities that can propel your brand to success.

Integrating gamified strategies may seem easy to pull off in the surface, but it may actually involve a lot of work in the back end. However, when done properly, all the time, work and monetary investments put into it will be all worth it.

The goal here, as you know, is to create a solid experience for your followers—something that includes activities that can keep people immersed, and compel them to keep coming back for more. Here are some of the integral elements your Internet marketing team should embed into your gamification campaigns.

Design for Your Players

It’s crucial to know who you’re intended participants are: AKA your demographic, or a specific faction of your audience. Understanding who they are will be integral to the entire campaign whether you plan on just gamifying your engagements, or you want to actually develop social games. This will guide you as you plan the tactics for it, the platform, and engagement designs you will be utilizing. The more you know about them, the better the chances of developing a campaign that is truly interesting, and will keep your demographic genuinely engrossed in their engagements with your brand.

Make It Customizable

Making various aspects of your gamified tactics customizable can help a ton to get people invested in their experiences with your brand. This is something game designers are well aware of. Console, PC, and even browser-based social games have this element, letting you create the look of your character, environment, theme of your gaming dashboard, among many other things. Not only will these give participants the freedom to navigate around your campaign that way they want, it can also feed our nature to create and make things our own, and express ourselves online.

Set the Stage

Part of knowing your demographic is identifying where and how they engage with your brand. Do they actually go to your brand’s Web site for your archived content, or do they rely on what happens to come on their social media feeds (message boards, social network newsfeeds, etc).

Choose Your Platforms
Find out which of the social platforms a majority of your followers are using to connect to you. This way, you can appeal and design the best ways to reach out to them to get them onboard and participating in your strategies. Knowing and choosing the right platform for launching and hosting your gamified strategies allows you to specifically make use of the features, and technical capabilities of that platform.

Announcing your gamified strategies is, of course, vital. And it can vary, depending on how you actually engage with your followers. Commonly, brands do this by posting announcements on their own blogs, or on their social profiles, or even setting up mass e-mails to followers, or sending press releases to news entities. This will initially live on your own feeds, and if it’s appealing enough, other people will share it with their friends, helping more people to get onboard your brand’s campaign.


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