Ironic but True: Scheduling Instagram Posts in Advance Can Make You More Spontaneous

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More and more brands are already seeing the huge marketing potential of Instagram. Now with 600 million active users, an average engagement rate of 2.261%, which is 2 and 2.2 percent higher than Facebook and Twitter respectively, the photo- and video-sharing app is recognized as the fastest-growing social network.

If Instagram is a core part of your business’s social media strategy, you need to ensure that you’re making the most out of the platform. You can start by recognizing that even though the app is owned by Facebook, it’s an entirely different beast. With 55 percent of its users in the under 30 age bracket, Instagram’s audience is much younger than other platforms. It’s also the preferred social network for younger millennials.

It’s also important to note that Instagram is a visually-focused, mobile-based app. By nature, it lends itself to more spontaneous, just-captured content, which thereby encourages brands and their followers to engage in a less formal manner. This spontaneity can sometimes leave business owners and marketers scratching their heads as they attempt to analyze Instagram’s role in their overall social media publishing strategy. However, the secret to sharing truly standout posts is having the freedom and time to create them. Preparing content in advance and sticking to a consistent post schedule will provide you with the flexibility and foresight you need to take advantage of real-time opportunities.

Tools for planning content and scheduling on Instagram allow your brand to implement your marketing strategies more effectively and efficiently. If you’ve invested time into developing core values and objectives for your brand, scheduling can help identify and fill any gaps in content for the week or month ahead, and ensure that your posts cover the fill spectrum of your content strategy. Having this foresight also provides insight into how your Instagram posts complement the content on your other social platforms, providing a 360° view that allows for improved social planning and organization. Furthermore, knowing the best posting times and frequency of your posts enables you to schedule content for optimal impact and reach, thereby increasing your chances for organic engagement with potential customers.

Instagram is a highly visual social network, and your Instagram page deserves more than ill-fitting hand-me-downs from your Facebook or LinkedIn page. Maintaining a consistent aesthetic and upholding photo editing best practices can prevent irregularities in the quality of visual content you deliver.

Tracking hashtags and brand mentions also enables you to look at the big picture and pinpoint conversations or topics that are relevant to your brand. A successful engagement rate on Instagram is the product of the right type of content, the right people, and the right time.

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