Is AMP the Answer to Your Mobile Site Speed Issues? Maybe Not.

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When Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project was launched last year, many were eager to jump on the AMP bandwagon. AMP lets users say goodbye to slow, clunky, non-optimized websites and hello to mobile pages that deliver content more quickly. The logic behind AMP is simple and straightforward—faster loading times lead to better site usability and engagement, which ultimately result in reduced bounce rates and higher mobile site rankings.

Over a year later, AMPs are still fast and wildly popular. explains in detail why and how AMP is fast, from its ability to execute all AMP Javascript asynchronously to displaying all your content without all the elements that take a toll on your site’s speed and performance. But do you really need to implement AMP if you can apply the same strategies to improve usability and deliver a faster website to your mobile users?

With AMP, content is loaded over HTTP/2. However, it’s important to note that most of the Web is still on HTTP/1. Nearly everything that makes AMP faster or better can also be applied without having to implement AMP on your site, whether it’s ensuring that all CSS are inline and size-bound or sizing all resources statically and preventing extension mechanisms in place to block rendering.

If you know that your main website has speed problems, why must you ignore the problem and go to a separate code base when you can easily address these issues head-on? If you want to deliver an improved browsing experience to your users, then do it. Remember, it requires as much work to implement AMP as it would to improve your website without it. By doing things yourself and paring down your website the way you’re forced to when implementing AMP, you can easily end up with a website that works nearly as fast.

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