It’s not how hard you push along the way; It’s if you have it in you to finish

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michael jordan

The title to this post is my favorite Michael Jordan quote ever. I think it truly exemplifies the mistakes that most companies make while building a social media push. The majority of companies that I have spoken to believe that all they need to do is build the profile, and the fans and followers will come. A company is extremely surprised when they build a Twitter profile and they only get 50 followers the first month. Even worse is when companies hoard Twitter followers and build an account with 10,000 followers full of spammers and other companies.

Like Michael Jordan said, it’s easy to build the profiles; however, what counts is what you do with those profiles.

Build the profiles the right way

The journey really begins with the creation of the profiles.  It’s very easy to create a Twitter profile or Flickr profile – I mean, these companies get million of dollars in funding to improve their user-interface design, so I’m sure you can figure it out on your own.  Be sure to fill out every aspect of the profile and to include a “face” for the company as the avatar picture instead of the company logo.

Why the FACE?

If you’re a small to medium-sized company, chances are that you do not have a well-established brand.  If this is the case, then building a profile with a logo turns people off from following or becoming friends with the profile because people will automatically assume you’re a spammy company.  Instead, include a picture of YOUR face so that people can communicate with a person instead of a company.

Link to the profiles from your main site

People will not find you on Twitter and then follow you; people will not find you on Facebook and become your fan.  You need to drive people to your profiles through your main site.  That’s the only way that you will begin to build a fan base online.  People who go to your main site and are a fan of your product or service are the most likely to follow you on Twitter or care about your images on Flickr.

Furthermore, you should be linking people to your social profiles through your email signature and on your written material as well.  If you are to build a community of fans, then you need to give your fans a chance to communicate with you.

Actively reach out to relevant social media users

Before I go further, I must reiterate that your goal is NOT to advertise for your services on these sites.  Your goal must be to provide value to people.  If your company deals with personal finance, then your goal is to give people personal finance tips and advice.  If your company deals with health care, then you need to teach people about how President Obama’s new health plan will affect them.  You must first provide value, and once you have established that trust and community, that’s when you can begin to pitch your service.

Be honest, be transparent, and always focus on bringing value first.

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