It’s Not Too Late to Add Christmas Flair to Your Social Media Campaign

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Every year, holiday marketing campaigns become more and more elaborate, with social media now taking center stage. As a small business owner it’s easy to feel disheartened and jealous of the big brands, given your limited marketing resources and budget.

Rather than trying to emulate the big brands, however, you should work harder to learn from their marketing campaigns and build your own successful holiday campaign on social media. Explore the values on which these good campaigns are built and build on an idea that is both festive and warming. Lead with these, stand for a good cause, and make yours thought-provoking and relevant to your audience.

It’s also important to adjust campaigns for individual social media platforms. Facebook users, for example, might want to ask questions, while those on Instagram may want a peek behind the scenes. Unique campaigns made specifically for the platform they’re published in can increase engagement within your target audience.

Even if Christmas is only a few days away, it’s still not too late for your small business to make the most of the holiday season. Here are some great and practical social media marketing tips:

Scheduled voucher codes
Whether your business is offering a product or service, a timely voucher will urge consumers to take action. Go a step further by applying it to a seasonal or in-demand offering that is not usually discounted.

Showcase your bestsellers
Use video posts like Instagram Stories and Facebook Live to demonstrate your product or service offerings and what they can do. Make your video posts seasonal and relevant to the holiday season while bolting on a time-sensitive discount rate or giveaway.

Use hashtags
Buying and selling on social media is becoming more and more widespread, and more consumers are now basing their purchase decisions on what they see online. Also, using hashtags doesn’t only boost interest, it can make marketing campaigns easier to track and manage as well.

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