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The Content Structure

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When a marketer focuses on social media content as a strictly business marketing platform, the formal and corporate approach is easily translated to their engagements online. It limits the conversations to product announcements, news and an extension of their customer service hotline. While these are great for your brand reputation management and for spreading your brand’s links and news, it isn’t exactly engaging for your followers.

Depending on the amount of people they follow online, the average social network users only scan through tweets, status messages and search engine results pages and will naturally read only the posts they find interesting. And as a result, any kind of social media content or just about anything that doesn’t pop out to grab their attention gets ignored.

Have a Stable Article Base

Writing a compelling piece begins with a solid written work by complying with Journalism essentials and pushing some creativity into every post.

- Standard write-ups should contain the what, when, where, why and how, to be able to bring your readers the full details about your chosen topics.

- Well-crafted written content should be backed by sufficient research and with the details confirmed multiple times before they are released for public consumption. Conduct interviews, DIY experiments and offline research if you have to.

- For your social media content to be well balanced and engaging to read, follow journalism’s pillars to inform, educate and entertain. Keep in mind, since you are writing something you’d want your readers to enjoy and make them come back to your site: entertain is just as important. More on this later.

- Structure your articles by making an outline. This helps you organize your thoughts which also helps make your finished write-up easier to read.

- Never forget to properly credit your sources, whether they’re actual people you interviewed or resource materials you found on- or offline.

Douse Your Content in Entertainment

As we’ve established previously, making your social media content fun and even humorous can help you get noticed on the social spectrum. It’ll also help a lot with your efforts to develop your brand’s identity.

Having fun online isn’t really all that hard to do since the Interwebs is already sprawling with fun content to begin with: geeky references, animated GIFs, Web videos, memes, etc. The challenging part is having to create your own original fun content, and channeling it in ways that’ll gain attention while successfully getting your word out.

- Boost your content’s entertainment level up a notch by specifically writing with a narrative voice. Crafting your social media content this way easily gives your readers the sense that you’re speaking directly to them, making it even more engaging and easier to build rapport with them.

- Know who your readers are and understand what interests them. This is key to finding the right identity for you, your choice of words, what kind of humor to use and to what extent you can work by, and what pop culture elements you can reference.

- You can also slather some wit, some clever play of words, or a handful of easily recognizable, funny references like memes and niche-specific terms, TV and movie lines, old songs, or historical events onto your social media content. It’ll be your call, as long as your followers are entertained and are able to still absorb your message, you’re good to go.

- Make sure the references you use aren’t offensive, completely obscure, or so unnecessarily derivative that you’d end up like your middle-aged uncle trying to fit in with your friends.

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