Keeping Track of Events to Stay in Tune with Your Audience

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Yesterday, as the clock struck 12:12am on December 12, 2012, social media channels fired up with posts celebrating this rare moment. Brands posted amusing photos relevant to the day, seized the opportunity to promote products with the number 12 in them, and even threw sudden promos the very moment the time and date lined up. While some missed the mark, others certainly made the most of the moment.

Leveraging an event to heighten awareness of your brand is an effective way to get the word out to a wide audience or create a sense of community with your loyal customers. How can your brand do the same?


Mark the dates everyone knows

While we all know to watch out for Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, and Easter, what about other days that a lot of people are bound to pay attention to? Making sure your brand seizes the opportunity to talk about things that matter to a wide audience at the right time helps raise its relevance in their eyes.

On a small scale, paying to events happening around town makes your brand feel like part of the local community. On a larger scale, taking note of events the whole nation is bound to talk about creates social relevance.


Watch out for dates important to the brand and company

All brands have a story to tell. And for their loyal customers, these are stories worth telling. This doesn’t mean you have to write a history lesson for the company blog at every important date, though.

What you can do is simply acknowledge it with a tweet or Facebook post. You can even use these dates to fuel ideas for new posts or promotions.


Look for days that may be meaningful to your niche

A good social media campaign involves recognizing those who make up your audience. They may not be the initial target you hoped for, but the fact remains that they’re the people who have chosen your services or products. It helps to give back to them by taking note of the things unique to them, and that includes the events most significant to them.

If they show a fondness for a certain genre of TV series, why not play off that and let them know you’re aware of when the next episode is aired? If your audience is into everything hip and happening, you can also create a connection by talking about events in the style capitals of the world.


By zoning into the things your audience cares about, it becomes easier to foster a relationship with every one of them. And in turn, they’re bound to share the word with friends who enjoy the same things.

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