Key Takeaways from the Google I/O 2018 Keynote

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Many experts predicted this year’s Google I/O focus to be on “responsibility” considering Facebook’s recent data and privacy scandal. But if there was one key idea that emerged at the event, it was machine learning and how the gatekeepers and developers of tech had to navigate its waters “carefully and deliberately”.

Here are key takeaways from the Google I/O 2018 Keynote:

A better, smarter Gmail
Many of Gmail’s new features have been rolled out to users early this month, but there’s a lot more coming. Next month, Gmail will be debuting a cool new feature that uses machine learning to not just predict words that users plan to type, but entire phrases. And it’s not just limited to simple predictions like addresses or salutations, but entire phrases based on context and user history.

More natural conversation…and John Legend!
Google is creating plenty of upgrades to Google Assistant revolving around natural conversation. Multiple action support is coming in a few weeks, and a new feature called continued conversation will allow conversations to continue following the initial wake command (“Hey Google”).

Google Assistant is also slated to get six new voices, including John Legend’s! Google will be using WaveNet to make voices less robotic and more realistic, hoping to ultimately perfect all accents and languages around the world. By the end of this year, Google Assistant is expected to provide support for 30 different languages.

Android P
The first build of Android P has already been released to developers, but the company also discussed some new Android P features that fall into three core categories:

Intelligence – Google partnered with DeepMind to create features called Adaptive Battery, Adaptive Brightness, and App Actions. These utilize machine learning to determine usage patterns and preferences in order to improve user experience and productivity.

Simplicity – Google is working to get technology fade into the background so that it gets out of the user’s way. Navigation on Android P has been overhauled and made to look more like the horizontal iPhone app switcher on iOS 11, and a new rotation button has been added so that users can choose which apps can auto-rotate and which ones cannot.

Digital well-being – There’s going to be a new dashboard that shows users exactly how they spent their day on their phone. Which apps have been used and for how long, as well as other important information will be displayed. Android P will also have enhanced Do Not Disturb and new wind-down modes.
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