Let User-generated Content Tell Your Brand Story

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Your brand story should be so much more than just a rundown of facts about your business. It’s even much more than how you or your employees feel about your company. Your brand story should be a complex, distinctive combination of your business facts incorporated within the emotions your brand aspires to stimulate in its customers. Essentially, your brand story is a human-to-human representation of your business.

All business owners work hard to create powerful brand stories that speak to the heart and soul of their business and customers. While traditional marketing and advertising strategies are an important part of building brand awareness, taking a “customers matter” approach and building real relationships with customers can make a huge impact in expanding and growing your brand into an unstoppable force.

Here are compelling reasons why you should let real customers tell your brand story:

Add authenticity.
Your brand can have all the clever taglines and eye-catching ads in the world, but if your customers are saying bad things about you on social media, that’s usually the deciding factor for someone considering whether or not to buy what you’re selling. The internet and social media have forever changed how people shop, and it’s something that all good business owners need to be aware of and address. Focusing on building positive reviews and customer testimonials is key in promoting a good brand reputation online—and it’s your real customers who could be your most effective and influential brand ambassadors. Their stamp of approval can mean a lot more than your brand’s self-proclaimed awesomeness.

Encourage customer retention and referrals.
By engaging with satisfied customers to co-promote their stories online, you’re working towards building trusted, enduring relationships with them, thus leading to better customer retention. Futhermore, making customers feel special and appreciated creates an environment where people feel empowered to indirectly market for you.

Drive new business.
You’d be surprised by what satisfied customers would be willing to do without being paid. You can start by soliciting testimonials from them, offering only your thanks in return. From there reach out to your favorites personally to talk about how they can work with you in promoting and sharing their stories. This personal touch will make them feel appreciated and more likely to sing your praises.

About the author:
Jehan S. Ismael is a full-time writer and editor for a leading Internet Marketing firm. She has a love-hate relationship with food, likes to listen to rock and rap music, and enjoys reading books by self-absorbed writers like J.D. Salinger and Anthony Bourdain.

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