LinkedIn’s Unmistakable Value as a Networking and Branding Tool

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LinkedIn was primarily used for job hunting when the professional social media site launched in 2003. Since then, a lot has changed. Today, LinkedIn is extensively used not just for job and job candidate hunting, but for networking and personal branding as well.

Data gathered from research conducted by the company NumberSleuth reveals that 50 percent LinkedIn members have found a job through mutual connections, thereby validating the social media site’s popularity as a networking and marketing tool.

Link to Create Opportunities
LinkedIn, for its part, has done well launching several new features to help its users add more connections and widen their networks through the platform. Now, users can see when their connections are online and are ready to chat. In the future, LinkedIn plans to provide free mentoring services for its members, connecting them with seasoned pros who can offer solid professional advice. This new functionality will be available as a limited launch for San Francisco and Australia this year.

An Invaluable Branding Tool for Small Businesses
With over 500 million users, LinkedIn provides small-to-medium sized businesses a vast platform to connect and grow their network. Success, however, depends on how businesses leverage their respective networks. To help SMBs take their networking, sales, marketing, and HR efforts to new heights, LinkedIn offers specialized solutions such as Showcase Pages, which can be used to highlight one’s company, business unit, or business initiative; Sales Navigator, which turns the passive LinkedIn social platform into a robust selling machine; and the newly-launched LinkedIn Video, which can help SMBs boost their online engagement with potential customers and partners.

For companies that are still struggling to grasp how LinkedIn can help them build and strengthen their brand presence, LinkedIn Small Business is worth checking out. With readily available tip sheets and other tools, LinkedIn offers SMBs a place to learn how they can get the most out of their efforts on the platform.

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