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Want your social media campaign to pop?
Integrate new tech like augmented reality and group messaging!
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To be able to reach the top of the social media canopy while still being a part of the whole interactive Web ecosystem, a lot of social media marketers and brand owners leverage on a plethora of interactive tools and best practices. A whole lot of these are put into motion by more tech-forward creatives, and the ingenious tactics they use to engage with their targeted demographic.

A great thing about tech-driven campaign strategies is that it influences the further march of technology, putting it into a broader spotlight for both the mass public to subsist on, and tech developers to further improve. This helps compel the common user to engage more with the brands, enabling better brand recognition and loyalty, and helping consumers make better purchasing decisions.

And while the technologies and the ready-to-use third party services abound, brands are perhaps limited by their own creative capacities, and willingness to invest in innovation. On a previous blog post, we mentioned a handful of viable technologies you can explore for your campaign. Here are a couple more tech you can leverage on.

Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality (AR) adds an interactive visual layer on top of real-world experiences through the use of AR app software engines on computers, smartphones, handheld gaming devices, and customized heads-up display (HUD) eyewear. Think of The Sims or any massive multiplayer game that displays additional information on top of the players and various in-game objects to help you maneuver through the entire experience.

And while it all sounds like future-tech worthy of a Daniel Suarez novel or a Torchwood episode, AR has been in development since the latter parts of the 1950s though it’s only recently that it’s been advanced and compact enough for commercial use.

In the last couple of years, we find many campaigns using AR technology. There are brands that have developed downloadable mobile apps to help their consumers with the shopping experience, like clothes retailer H&M‘s app which lets you virtually try out clothes that are on their branches’ window displays. Local establishment search and review service Yelp, on the other hand, let lose the Monocle, an Easter egg of an AR feature on their mobile app. It lets you see establishments and reviews on locations nearby, establishments your friends have checked into, and it even shows you a map to these places that helps you get there ala-turn-by-turn GPS.

Group Messaging

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In the recently concluded SXSWi festival in Texas, a handful of upstart services rose to help ease and add some fun to their tech road show experience. If geolocation become the hot platform last year with Gowalla and Foursquare’s stand-off, 2011 has group messaging.

In a nutshell, group messaging can be seen as the mobile world remixing text messaging’s “send to all” feature, even adding a plethora of nifty social media-geared features. GroupMe, Yobongo, FastSociety, Kik, and Hurricane Party are only some of the current purveyors of this messaging system, providing groups of people to find each other within their specific locations and plan small events and get-togethers.

Some of their features include maps and check-ins ala-geolocation to help you know where your friends are, easy integrations with both Facebook and Twitter, maps for different places within your current location, and even conference calls.

Most of these services will allow you to connect with the people already in your phonebook or social networks’ buddy lists; Fast Society lets you start or find parties around your area; Fast Society can create small teams of partygoers (lasts from three hours to three days); and Yobongo provides a way to start new connections with the people around you, whether they’re in your actual social circle or not.

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