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As a content distribution platform, blogs offer a lot of benefits for brands surfing social media’s online marketing waves. As such, the pressure to produce a steady stream of quality content will always weigh heavily on content managers and their team of bloggers or content producers.

There’s a certain type of discipline, creativity and ingenuity every blogger should possess to be able to effectively carry out the regular grind of content production. Today we dole out a handful of suggestions for hiring and managing a team of bloggers.

In a previous blog post, we suggested a few tips on how you can find and select the right bloggers for you brand, including how to locate them and filtering your prospects. Here are some more suggestions for your selection process.

Hire Established Writers

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Getting well-known writers and established bloggers to write for your blog is a great way to get the ball rolling.

For starters, they’re already skilled in writing content specifically for online consumption, and they’re most likely intuitive enough to navigate their way around the Web, including your blog’s in-house CMS and other applications you may also use. This means minimal training and more time for developing great content.

As easily recognizable personalities, they can surely drive more readers into your blog, can significantly increase your and give your online reputation a boost. On the other hand, there are bloggers backed by corporate sponsors you may or may not want to be associated with your blog. So always consult your prospective bloggers and any legal authority for a setup such as this.

Hire Skilled Blogging Newbies

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There’s always a thrill in finding raw talent that have yet to break into the scene. Once you spot a potential talent among the crowd, it pays to take a closer look.

This is how a lot of aspiring writers and blogging newbies are able to break into the online scene, when a bigger entity takes enough interest in them.

But first: a quick rundown of the essential blogging skills

-       Writing proficiency
–       Social media utilization
–       Editing and proofreading
–       Time management
–       A little coding language
–       Photography and image editing

With the exception of writing, editing and proofreading, the rest of these skills can be learned along the way. Once they’re in your stable, make sure to invests some time and energy to train them. They may virtually be unknowns in the blogging scene now, but they could thrive and gain utmost fame, taking your site and brand to social media rockstardom.

Hire a Journalist

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Hiring someone with a journalism background can be a great decision for content managers, especially when they’ve been working in your specific industry.

Not only are good journalists equipped with solid writing skills, they’re also generally disciplined distributors of news with a focused attention to detail, and a strongly inquisitive mind. Because they are trained to deliver the truth based on hard facts, they may go at great lengths to confirm the validity of the information they gather.

In addition to this, the training journalists get enables them to think objectively and quickly to easily develop stories based on small ideas on various subjects, at almost any kind of working environment.

Moreover, as they work long hours in the field and in the press room, journalists who have worked in your niche will most likely have acquired a plethora of notable contacts within your industry. This will no doubt help in enriching the content, and will prove fruitful for your brand.

Hire Talented People and Get Out of the Way

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This, a quote from comedienne and author Tina Fey’s book, is perhaps one of the best pieces of advice any content manager/editor should keep in mind when managing a staff of bloggers.

Since blogging, by nature, is rather informal in both form and language, it requires a lot of creativity from the blogger. And micromanagement can be very counterproductive for a blogger, or anyone who rely on their creative juices. The very idea that someone of authority is figuratively standing behind them and watching their every move can prevent free-flowing ideas.

So make sure to give your bloggers enough leg room for creative expression. Not too much space though, as you will still need some leverage for quality assurance and for steering your content strategies to achieve your intended goals.

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