More social media misconceptions to dispel

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It’s been a while since social media has crossed over from under its Internet mainstream badge and gotten seamlessly integrated into modern pop culture. Scores of celebrities, sports icons, dignitaries and businesses have since flocked its social graph. Many of these personalities and brands have been using it as a powerful marketing platform that can reach a global audience, and holds a lot of potential as far as customer engagements are concerned.

Now thanks to those who are getting quite versatile in the online marketing tracks and achieving successes, more and more brands are joining the fray.

Unfortunately, online marketing novices can both get overly enthusiastic and dubious (sometimes, even at the same time) when it comes to jumping into the whole social media pond that they can get pretty much get bombarded with notions about social media marketing. Some garnered through experiences from those already in the field.

Some are merely empty reluctance feed by the fears, uncertainties and doubts (FUD) that come with wandering an unfamiliar terrain. In a previous post, we’ve dispelled some of those FUDs. Today, we look at some more of these misconceptions that can bog down an upstart’s social media marketing trajectory.

Social Media is Plug-and-Play
Sure, leveraging on browser-based tools that automatically post links on the social networks every time you upload ne content to your site can help a lot, but leaving your networks on autopilot all the time can be limiting when it comes to tweet/status content. You won’t be able to optimize your social network posts for better visibility, and a constant barrage of these auto-posted links offer little focused engagements with your followers and can make you seem spammy.

For best results, always manually format your online marketing updates to keep them relevant and easy to spot in the noisy social media noise. Also, allot time everyday to social media, which will allow you to develop properly targeted, brilliant campaign strategies that can resonate well within your community and deliver good results.

Social Media Marketing is Free
Ina a nutshell, social media is free for all, but social media marketing is a different story. While social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn won’t be asking you to pay up to use their platforms, social media marketing may require some investing.

Multimedia-laden campaigns, for instance, may require some investing on equipment, production, talent and promotions. Even having and maintaining a Web site or blog, and the creation of written content can cost a sum; from domain registration, site development and maintenance, to in-depth research for your content. Just make sure you believe in your own campaign, you employ the right people to help you put it into motion, and that you’ve allowed it enough time to fully flesh out to achieve your set goals.

Social Media is all About Follower Quantity
A huge number of followers on your brand’s Twitter or Facebook profile can indeed look impressive at first glance, and can even shine a significantly positive light on your brand from a potential advertiser, business partner, and a potential follower’s standpoint. However, having such a following doesn’t guarantee better engagements and a progressive campaign strategy until you actually start conversations online.

In comes the quality versus quantity argument, as you can’t be sure if all these followers are even listening to what you have to say, and responding to your brand’s campaign at all. Some of them may not even be your targeted demographic, in which case it’ll be your challenge to turn them into loyal followers, while others are spambots posing as legit users. You may have to clean up your follower list for you to b able to effectively develop well targeted campaigns, and make monitoring your brand and impressions online a little easier.

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