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As old as humanity itself, storytelling remains a powerful form of communication that not only captures the imagination but also moves us to act. Incorporated into your marketing strategy, stories can be a compelling way to persuade would-be and existing customers to purchase your products or avail of your services. However, that entails more than just putting a narrative structure to how you present your brand or company.

What Should a Story Convey?

Applying storytelling in marketing can be a difficult affair given that product characteristics often don’t make for great story material. What gives a story impact is the value it conveys, which would speak to what’s important to your customers and not just why your product is the best choice for them.

Take last year’s Guinness commercial for example. With a twist revealing a story of true friendship, the ad delivered a message that was not only able to ignite strong emotions in viewers, but also encourage them to associate the value of friendship with the brand’s identity. What matters is that the story didn’t focus on the product but rather on the values the brand stood for.

It all begins with clarifying what your brand’s identity is and the values it represents. From there, it becomes easier to brainstorm on how a story can unfold given the products or services your business has.

Visual Storytelling in Social Media

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” and social media offers an opportunity for you to take a visual approach to storytelling. There are many ways to go about this, such as by creating a short video or sharing a moment captured in a photograph.

When it comes to visual content, it’s best to be original to show the authenticity of your story. Don’t settle with stock material. With today’s social media tools such as Vine and Instagram, you can now easily create short clips and original images you can use to tell an inspiring story to your audience.



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