New Marketing Trends Your SMB Should Consider in 2018

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Managing and marketing your own business has gotten much more complicated, with the introduction of the internet, social media, e-commerce, apps, and other digital tools. But one of the benefits of having all this technology at your fingertips means that you don’t have to be a large enterprise to leverage all the opportunities that digital solutions provide.

Business owners who embrace nuanced strategies and new approaches such as tapping micro-influencers, data-driven personalization, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and customer journey mapping will not only thrive in 2018, but also reap the benefits long beyond.

Here are new marketing trends, technology, tools, and strategies that you should consider for your small business in 2018:

Instead of marketing with influencers with millions of followers, it might be better to consider individuals with followers under 100,000. Not only are they more affordable to enlist, but people are more likely to find them easier to relate to than celebrities.

Data-driven personalization
Marketing strategies that are personalized to the customers’ preferences are now expected by consumers, according to many marketers. With all the available information in today’s online ecosystem—data management, CRM systems, and marketing analytics tools—it’s much easier to deliver personalized marketing campaigns, even for emerging businesses.

AI and augmented reality
The efficiency and novelty that artificial intelligence and augmented reality deliver have begun improving the way that marketers can showcase their products or services, engage with audiences, and deliver relevant and valuable information across all verticals. Moreover, these technologies make offerings more effective, boost productivity, and deliver richer insights.

Customer journey mapping
Keeping track of your customers’ journey has always been challenging; however, the coming year is set to provide marketers with better tools and technology to monitor customer actions across multiple touchpoints, as well as better understand the role that the customer journey plays from engagement to sale.
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