New scam targets Draw Something players on Twitter

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New Twitter scam targets Draw Something players

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Launched early last month, mobile game Draw Something has become a massive success. It runs on the same gaming mechanics behind Pictionary and Win Lose or Draw but heavily employs a social component, letting players take turns and play with multiple competitors. Its massive popularity even overtook Zynga, eventually prompting the social gaming giant to acquire the game and the development company behind it OMGPOP.

Now it boasts of millions of downloads from both iOS and Android users, including its free versions. So it’s really no surprise that malicious activities have latched onto it.

According to security solutions developer Sophos, a scam has come upon players of the game, hosted on Twitter with its own account. The Twitter page, at first glance looks, convincingly like it could be Draw Something’s own, but upon closer inspection, it is apparent that it is not affiliated with either the game or its development company.

The account’s bio claims they are “giving away 5000 to lucky Draw Something fans,” and features a different Web site on its bio which points to instead of OMGPOP’s. And under the prominent “Draw Something” in bold letters, the username is the rather sketchy @Tawandauvw.

The Twitter scam targets players by spamming users that have mentioned the game in their tweets, claiming that they have been chosen as the lucky winner, and that they can claim their prize by visiting the aforementioned Web site. And once you’re on it, the Web site (which oddly enough uses Twitter’s background image) will prompt you to answer a handful of simple questions before you can claim your prize.

“What you will discover, however, is that you are taken to an all-too-familiar survey scam.” said Graham Cluely, senior technology consultant at Sophos, on a post in the company blog earlier today. “Your chances of ever receiving a prize are remote – chances are that you will either end up handing over personal information, or will be helping the original scammer earn commission.”

As of writing, the Twitter suspended the @Tawandauvw account but like what Cluely explained, with Draw Something’s massive popularity, there is always risk from malicious entities over the social Web. The account may have been promptly suspended, but the scam may live on in another newly created Twitter account, or some other form on another social network.

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