Online Marketing Requires an Integrated Approach

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If you want to maximize visibility and sales with traditional marketing, then you would run a campaign through 3 traditional channels: TV, radio, and print.  By hitting all three channels at the same time, you would have a great chance at hitting your target market and cause them to take action on your advertisement.

In the internet playing field, I’ve noticed that companies take a tunnel-vision approach to marketing instead of taking an integrated solutions approach that encompasses all forms of internet marketing.  The most effective online marketing method is NOT an individual social media, seo, or ppc campaign; the most effective form of online marketing is a campaign that infuses social media, seo, ppc, and affiliate marketing all into one campaign.

How an integrated approach would work

Here is a quick breakdown of an example company and how it could potentially use an integrated online marketing approach to increase brand visibility and increase sales:

Example Company: Tommy’s Furniture Store

1. Search Engine Optmization and Usability

Step one is to completely optimize the site for search engines and usability.  We need Google and Yahoo to be able to completely index all of your products and all of your pages so that people can easily find you using keyterms.  Furthermore, we need to optimize your site for usability and to maximize conversions.  Sure we can drive a lot of traffic to your site, but if it’s not optimized, then all that traffic will not convert.  Start off with a good base and make sure that the site is fully optimized first.

2. Social Media and Brand Building

Set up your Twitter profile, Facebook Fan Page, and Blog.  This should easily be done within 2 weeks.  The next, much more crucial step is to develop a strategy for how you will use these social media platforms to build your brand and establish a community around your company and product.  Since you’re a furniture store, here are some ideas that I’ve thought of:

  1. Write blog posts reviewing your furniture (Bonus: do video reviews)
  2. Write blog posts about home furniture trends and how to know when it’s time to change the home decor
  3. @ reply people on Twitter who have furniture questions
  4. Encourage people to upload a picture of their new furniture to your Flickr Group Page
  5. Encourage people to fan you on Facebook or to Follow you on Twitter to get a 10% discount on their purchase

Remember, this is about building your brand and getting people aware of your company.  Once they love your product, they will have a reason to become your fan and follow you.

3. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can pretty much be done in congruence with social media marketing.  The goal is to drive a highly-targeted audience to your site through paid advertisement on other sites. This will only work if you have optimized your site to convert.  If you’re driving qualified traffic to your site, but your landing page is not optimized to convert this traffic, then you will lose a lot of advertising dollars.

Use paid advertising to get them there; use social media marketing to keep them coming back.

Take the holistic marketing approach and you will have a much better chance at success!

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12 Responses to “Online Marketing Requires an Integrated Approach”

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  2. Every day I am more and more amazed about WWW marketing based on seeing the way the the next generations operate with their peers with the web. My 14 year old son just took me a portal they had developed to aggregate cool topic for their online friends. They needed to know how to establish advertising on the site to create revenue. so very proud and amazed.

  3. avatar Benedict says:

    What I would consider a holistic approach is one that begins with keyword/phrase analysis and proceeds to optimizing for the keywords with high monthly searches followed by submission to major searche engines and directoriers and link building.

    Social marketing and promotion in blogs and social networks is an ongoing process that one has to mantain as long as their website is online.

    Pay per click adverting is encouraged to get additional traffic and fast indexing of your pages.

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