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Facebook continues to be highly influential in molding what is now becoming a significantly more innovative and social Web though not without missteps along the way. Not bad for a social networking site borne out of having a little too much time on Mark Zuckerberg’s hands and involved hacking into his school’s protected network.

Through Facebook’s F8 developer conference held recently, the company has introduced some of the most instrumental developments for the company and possibly, the direction the Internet is headed. The announcement that garnered the most impact was the Open Graph protocol and its accompanying API.

It aimed to unify the Internet by enabling third party site owners and developers to embed social plugins into their own sites, thus opening Facebook’s sharing functionalities further and allowing users to establish connections around similar interests. This was initially implemented on more than 75 participating Web sites.

A week later, and the social networking site has announced that since making the announcement, more than 50,000 sites have already gone onboard with the Open Graph implementation.

“We are thrilled by the strong adoption so far as developers realize how easy social plugins are to use and how powerful they are in engaging users in a frictionless experience without requiring them to share any personal information.“ said the official announcement on the Facebook developers blog.

This is actually not a surprise what with Facebook’s 400 million active users making a clearly enticing opportunity for Web site owners and online marketers. It affords these Web sites a far greater chance of being discovered by potential followers while giving their existing clients another way of keeping track of their new developments without leaving the social network’s domain.

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