Overcoming the Changes in Facebook’s News Feed

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A recent update to Facebook’s algorithm has transformed its News Feed. While the changes improve things for the typical user by increasing the discoverability of quality content, it may adversely impact the pages of brands and businesses.

The Face of the Changes

Facebook users have long complained about irrelevant posts appearing in their News Feed. It gets pretty tiresome and annoying to see the latest viral video or meme be posted over and over again. To curb the phenomenon, the News Feed has been redesigned to prioritize quality content from publishers.

Additionally, it now bumps content that has gathered many comments from a user’s social circle, ensuring that the user has seen the content. Other articles that the user may be interested have also been included with post for the user’s convenience.

Unfortunately, brands and businesses have gotten the short end of the stick. Their reach has been limited, reducing their customer engagement. Posts that used to reach 25% of a business’ fans now only reach 5%.


Facing the Challenge

To reacquire their old reach, brands need to change their practice. The first step is a renewed focus on content marketing and quality content. By becoming a publisher of timely, relevant, engaging, and credible articles, the content will reach more people and receive bumps when it successfully creates a discussion.

The second step is encouraging fan engagement. Good content is inherently engaging but there’s no harm in asking fans to do or participate more. Asking questions or requesting user-generated content, such as photos and predictions, can help boost the organic reach of a brand’s posts.

Lastly, Facebook is a business itself. It sells ads, which have an undeniable reach and can be specifically shown to the targeted demographic. A brand can also pay to boost its post for added visibility. Ads and boosts can be effective but their costs and benefits must be weighed carefully to avoid business losses.



Carlo Pulido is a writer and content marketing expert, who wishes his readers a Happy New Year.

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