Power Up Your Engagement Strategy with Social Polls

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Given the speed at which social media evolves, many businesses struggle to keep their content and marketing strategy fresh and relevant. Polls are a quick and effective way to drive engagement and help brands to better understand their customers’ needs, interests, and opinions, which can in turn open opportunities for product strategy, branding, messaging, and more.

There are many ways to use polls to your brand’s advantage. Consider the following:

Understand your audience
Information is power, and it’s very important that you know who your followers are and understand the type of things they enjoy. Soliciting opinions in real-time provides deep insight into your audience, and it can improve the way you develop your marketing and advertising campaigns. Polling also shows your followers that the communication channel isn’t a one-way street and they’re allowed to join in on the fun.

Make ‘em laugh
It’s not all about you, and your followers don’t want to read about your product, company, or achievements all the time. Occasionally, it helps to give your audience something they would find enjoyable and worth sharing on their own. If humor is a good fit for your brand and audience, polls can be a great way to show your sense of fun or to crack a joke about trending topics and current affairs.

Get customer feedback
Brands often pay a lot of money for market research and customer surveys to get product feedback. Others use social listening tools to find out what consumers are saying about their brand. So, why not cut the middleman and just directly ask the customers what they think?

Posting social media polls on current or upcoming products and services is a great way to get feedback. There’s a good chance that your followers on social media already think very highly of your brand; and these are the people who are going to provide you with the most honest and lengthy reviews, which they will gladly give for free. Moreover, broadcasting poll results demonstrates transparency; you’re honest about showing what the rest of the community thinks about your brand and products.
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