Product Photography Tips to Maximize Your Image Impact on Social Media

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For those in the product or retail business, having superb images of the inventory is a must, given the popularity of visual-driven platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. However, many businesses—SMBs in particular—are often unable to afford the services of professional photographers, meaning they’ll have to count on their own amateur photography skills to come up with high-impact product shots.

To help your images stand out in social media newsfeeds, here are a few simple product photography tips to get you started:

Begin with a simple background
You may feel inclined to set the scene with a striking background or use several props when photographing your products. However, using a plain, simplistic background such as an infinity curve usually delivers the greatest impact. Don’t get your merchandise get lost by being too fussy with the details or having too many elements in your image; always make sure that your product is the focal point.

Take advantage of natural lighting
Natural light is every photographer’s best friend—not only is it free, but it also helps photo subjects achieve an even, three-dimensional quality. While using artificial light, whether from your camera lights or rented lights, does have its benefits, it tends to make products look dull and flat. As much as possible, take product photos in natural, well-lit conditions, making sure that the light is coming from both sides of the background so that your images come out well-balanced. If you need a little boost to even out your lighting, you can also use a white foam board reflector across from the light source.

Click and edit
Once all your materials are set up, it’s time to get clicking! Take more pictures than you think necessary; from here you can cut down to your favorite images and avoid having to reshoot the same subject. Use everything available on hand to get a comprehensive representation of each product in your inventory. Get creative! Try different angles, experiment with macro shots to capture product details, and whenever possible, incorporate some sense of scale.

Editing your images can be a tedious and overly technical task, but there are many free tools that can turn any amateur into an editing pro. Photo editing allows you to take your images from good to great through cropping, adjusting brightness or contrast settings, and improving the image’s composition. Play with your photos until you’ve created the perfect image, but always save your original image files. This way you’ll have a back-up and could always go back if you don’t like how you’ve edited photos.

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