Promoting Live Events Through Social Media – Part 1

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Live events are certainly social, right? Then it would only make sense that one of the prime ways to attract people to your live events is through social media. And I am not talking about your traditional social media or technology conferences. You can promote anything from job fairs to concerts to open houses to birthday parties through social media.

In this 2-part series we are going to look at how to utilize social media to broadcast your event, promote it and get people to signup, attend and have a great time at your expense.

Getting Your Events Online

There are a plethora of sites that will allow you to put your events online. The best places to start are the places where the guests you want to invite are already hanging out. If you are inviting friends or family over for a BBQ, you will want to promote the event on Facebook, make it private and invite your exclusive guests. If you are throwing a party for your city, you are going to want to find a local board or network to present your information.

One of the best places to broadcast your event as we said above is Facebook. With Facebook you can set up public and private events and use the power of the social graph to help your event grow legs and be seen by people far and wide. The big things with Facebook start with the wall, which allows guests to leave comments – this creates interaction before the event happens between the guest and the organizers. Other intricacies are the ways that you can send the invitation to your friends, see the guest list and have reminders in your daily feed.

If you are looking to promote your event locally, you need to become active in the local community event sites, message boards and social networks. There are 3 major players that help local community members find events in your town.

Upcoming – Upcoming is a Yahoo property that allows you to submit an event listing and it will be placed in the local area of your choosing. Events can be searched by keyword, by date and even appear on the local city homepage as a featured listing. Event listings on Upcoming are free and users with Yahoo accounts can announce that they are coming and you can see information on them on the event page. These listings are indexed very well in search engines for people looking for local events.

Eventful – Eventful is a site that is ironically “full of events.” You can upload an event for free on their service based on metro areas and upgrade for promotions including email blasts and homepage features.

Meetup – Meetup is a site that is full of events that are centered around groups that “meetup.” This can include your local cat lovers meetup to programming language clubs to tea drinkers. This is a great site to help grow your organization and get your community to mingle and get to know each other.

Other sites to upload your event to include your local news stations, newspapers, community boards, forums, Myspace, Eventbrite and niche social networks (do a search on Ning to find some gems in your niche / local area).

In the second part of this series we are going to look at ways to promote these events that you now have online and have your event booming and talked about for months on end!

This post was written by Greg Rollett, a music marketing and social media consultant from Orlando, FL.

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