Putting Your Business on the Map with Social Geolocation Services

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Although many have found the joy of sharing their location on Foursquare and Facebook or venting their frustrations out on Yelp, not many brick-and-mortar businesses have taken full advantage of what these services can do for them. With a proper strategy, it’s possible to fully harness the power of geolocation services.


Check-in Services

When a person checks into a location, nothing usually happens. But this shouldn’t be the case when a check-in has become the digital equivalent of saying hello to the business. When someone greets a shopkeeper, it’s a must to recognize them in return—more so if they’re a frequent customer.

Although Foursquare itself does reward visitors who frequent a place with the “Mayor” badge and others, it might work to your advantage to reward those visitors yourself. Recognize the “Mayor,” offer a free treat to first time visitors, or simply provide something special for those who keep returning… you’ll see that it’ll work much like any loyalty card.


Geotagged Photos

One notable and sometimes under-utilized function of Instagram is the ability to add a photo to a map. Using locations powered by Foursquare, users can add geolocation to any photo, which in turn builds a gallery of pictures for that tagged place.

Just like rewarding Foursquare users who’ve checked into your business, consider finding ways you can use your customer’s geotagged photos. These may provide you with great insights to your business. After all, the photos allow you to see your shop through your customers’ eyes.


Local Pages

Although Facebook Places doesn’t facilitate interaction with people who’ve checked in, managing your business’ page ensures that engagement goes beyond the act of being at the shop. Claim the Facebook Places for your business to make sure your details are easy to find for potential customers and to make updates easy for them to see once they’ve checked in.


Social isn’t just about interaction in a virtual space, but also in reality—which is likely to translate to conversion. Have you considered location-based services for your business?

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