Reasons why your Internet marketing campaigns are unable to move forward

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The socially awkward penguin is among the most popular memes today. It features a stock image of a penguin depicted as awkwardly attempting to deal with uncomfortable situations. We laugh and do a collective facepalm at the countless deviations because we can all relate to being a tad bit awkward. Unsurprisingly, brands diving into social media marketing can also relate to this character. The idea of a socially awkward penguin is so uncharacteristic as the species are social creatures by nature—just like companies citing social media as an important channel in order to survive and thrive online.

Unfortunately, some brands are not as social as they should be and that can limit their progress. Sure the willingness to be social is there coupled by some effort, but sometimes those just aren’t enough, leaving campaigns unable to move forward. Here are some of the possible reasons why your attempts to drive your brand to success aren’t quite working.


No Social Media Plans

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With the success of big brands online, small businesses have this impression that hitting it big through social media marketing is a breeze What they don’t know is that a lot of these bigger brands’ accomplishments are few and far between, while others that truly resonate massively were products of months of hard work. Sure, this sometimes work for a few companies but winging it is obviously far too unreliable a strategy to entrust your brand and its reputation on.


  • Learn from past mistakes. Conduct a social media analysis of the brand’s online properties and previous marketing attempts to see what they’re lacking.
  • Create social media strategies ahead of time to be able to streamline efforts and develop contingency solutions in place.


No Online Identity or Reputation to Leverage On

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One of the most common challenges new businesses face is getting their targeted demographic to take notice and begin following them online. After all, being a new business means that you have yet to build your presence and reputation among your niche.


  • Focus on building your brand’s identity online first. Create profiles on social networks and be active there. Accompany your site with a blog so you’ll have content to post and share across the social Web that will link back to you.
  • Use other channels like traditional media and marketing tactics that will highlight your online properties and increase awareness about your brand.


Treating Social Media Marketing as an Afterthought

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While Internet marketing is not a new concept, not all companies are taking advantage of its capabilities. There are brands that are just slowly easing into it; why it took them this long can be attributed to a lot of things, including business owners not trusting


  • Social media is not something that can be considered later on. Take a holistic approach integrated social media plans deeply as part of every advertising, content creation, and even a few business decisions.


You’re a One-Man Army

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So you’ve been creating and putting your brand’s social media tactics into motion by your lonesome. A team of social media marketers, who needs them, right? Well, you do. There’s only so much you can do on your own. Depending on the size of the campaign, you’re going to need the help of a team of people with the right skills and knowledge.


  • Hire a team of experts to help you out with various tasks and responsibilities.
  • Focus on each team player to know about their skills, talents, and what they’re passionate about. This can help tons in finding the right people for to get the jobs done.


No actual social media marketing knowledge

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The responsibility to handle the brand and its online properties should fall on the skillful and the knowledgeable. But you won’t get far if you’ve appointed your nephew just because he’s active in Facebook and can use Instagram.


  • Load up on some social media knowledge by reading up on the topic from ebooks, case studies and lessons you can easily download. Or if you think you’ll need a more focused learning approach, sign up for classroom-type trainings for you and your team.
  • Let them go online and live on the social Web by letting them use and explore social networks. Giving them access to social media tools and services can help them familiarize themselves with the ways of the social Web so they can find the best ways to learn and be more productive online.
  • Keep track of current social media trends and the latest technologies used in the online marketing industry.

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