Reevaluate Your Target Markets to Improve Your Social Media Campaign

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In the world of social media marketing, it doesn’t matter how well your content is or how much you shell out on paid advertising if you don’t know who your real audience is.

However, don’t beat yourself over it if you think you made the wrong audience choice in your initial social media marketing plan, and came up with nothing. It’s natural; everyone has to go through social media experiments before establishing brand identity and actual target market. You won’t truly know who your real market is until you’ve gotten your feet wet.

Going along with your initial plan for the first few quarters is fine. But, if you have a feeling that you’ve been targeting the wrong crowd and your social media campaign seems to be generating more dust than sales, then target reevaluation is due.

This is how you can do it:


Create Target Personas

Do a quick meeting with your partners (if any) and pool your thoughts together on who your true customers are. This may be based on observations or market research. This doesn’t have to be too complicated; just set some basic profiles so you get a better picture of who your services are for.

These profiles can simply consist of:

  • A name
  • An age
  • A location
  • A brief background on the life of the person
  • His needs or pains
  • And your proposed solution, i.e., how your brand can help

Come up with as many as you can in your meeting and then filter them to get the most realistic profiles.


Stumped? Take Inspiration from Your Current Clients

Not sure about your skills in persona creation? Well, you can simply base your profiles on your current clients, preferably the ones who are already advocates for your brand. Thinking of other details for these people should be easier since you should’ve already met them, and already know about their backgrounds.


Test it Out

Once you have you profiles ready, it’s time to do a customer discovery initiative. Find people matching the profiles, have them test your services, and see what they think about it. Some use landing pages, others try focus groups – whatever you feel might work, try it out.

Doing this will allow you to actually see genuine reactions from your assumed target audience. The ones with the most positive reviews should be your real targets. Once you get this data, you can go all out with your new, improved, and more targeted social media marketing campaign.



Dylan St. James is a part-time writer and full-time nerd. He loves writing his own stories and collecting comic books. Dylan would one day love to publish his own children’s book.

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