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In the continuing battle for strong online presence, Twitter is by far the most important weapon in your social media arsenal. More than half the world uses the social media platform. To be able to successfully tap into that community can make all the difference for your brand or business. For this week’s Saturday Link Round Up, we’ve assembled a list of great articles that can help your get Twitter working for you, from the best way to compose your tweets to proper use of hashtags.

How to Write the Perfect Tweet (Twitterism)

Remember that Twitter is still considered more as a personal microblogging platform than as marketing medium. Send off the wrong vibes and you just might end up being ignored, even rejected, rather than followed. Twitterism provides some great advice on how to write the perfect tweet.

How to Retweet: A Simple Guide (

Retweets and @replies breathe life into your Twitter. They make your account more personal and approachable. In excess, however, they reflect the opposite image. AJ Vaynerchuk’s tips, though old are not outdated. Except maybe, “RT” is more practical to use than “Retweet:” as a label.

HOW TO: Use Twitter Hashtags for Business (Mashable)

Mashable has always been one of our favorite sources for social media news and wisdom. Here, Mashable contributor Josh Catone sheds some light on the popular function known as hashtags and how they can be utilized to build your business.

How to Use Twitter “Follow Friday” Effectively (

One hashtag twitter trend that has turned into an entity all its own is #FollowFriday. Michaelé Harrington presents how participating in the cult trend can help boost your online presence.

To Schedule Tweets or No? Two Reasons You Should. (

There are pros and cons in scheduling tweets. The cons only show up when you exploit the function too much. Here, Kiesha Easley shares here solution for scheduling tweets without the risk of losing followers.

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