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A great example of social media integration with offline marketing is the recent rise in scavenger hunts! Along the lines of a traditional scavenger hunt, a list of clues are provided online and users must solve the clue and receive the rewards by visiting the venue.

Recently, attempted to help local venues increase their foot traffic by including them in the hunt. At a specified time on an advertised day, the scavenger hunt kicked off and throughout the day, clues were tweeted and sent through Facebook status updates. Users had a three hour time frame to show up at the venue and receive a special offer specific to the contest. used their Facebook fan page status updates and an event invite (which received 108 RSVPs) to help promote the hunt. The venues were encouraged to give great discounts and provide bounce back coupons to encourage visitors to return to the venue.

It appears this was the first scavenger hunt launched by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, so the results have not been published, but I am sure they are using this a test-run to guage participation. For future hunts, it would make sense to phase in Foursquare and other social media tools to increase participation, engagement and remarketing efforts for each of the venues.

Another great example was an Easter Egg Hunt in Center City Philadelphia, hosted by World Cafe Live. World Cafe Live hid six eggs with two tickets to upcoming concerts in the Center City area the day before Easter. World Cafe Live used their Twitter account and tweeted clues to allow users to find the eggs and hunt down the prizes. Although only six people were confirmed on their Facebook invite, World Cafe Live reported that the contest was a hit and all eggs were recovered by happy participants.

Even if these events were only mildy successful, the return on investment was probably exactly what they expected. Let’s break it down:

– Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority:

Cost of gathering venues to participate + cost of tweeting and adding status updates + cost of promotion on Twitter and Facebook = Investment

Investment – (value of each participant + increased awareness for and venues + good will with participating companies) = Slam Dunk!

– World Cafe Live:

Cost of show tickets + cost of eggs + cost of tweeting + Facebook promotion of hunt = Investment

Investment – (value of each participant + increased awareness for WCL + good will with participating companies) = Slam Dunk!

Overall, both campaigns were a great effort in integrating the on and offline marketing efforts and more and more companies will start adopting these strategies.

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