Smart Ways Your Brand Can Use the New Facebook Cover Video Feature

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Brands can now upload a video that’s between 20 to 90 seconds long to the cover image area of their Facebook business pages. This new feature gives brands the opportunity to pack even more interest and information on their pages.

Here are smart ways that your brand can use the new Facebook cover video feature to benefit your business:

Business introduction
You cover video can be a great way for you to show the people behind your business. Give your employees some face time and maybe even highlight your working environment with a short behind-the-scenes tour. This can be especially effective if your business is something that your customers can visit in person, such as a hotel or resort.

Animated logo
You can also keep things fairly simple but add some visual interest and appeal to your page by bringing your logo to life with some animation. An animated logo can help you really call attention to your visual design skills or even integrate a slogan or extra design elements that couldn’t have otherwise been done on a static image.

Your main product or service in action
If your business offers a service, software, or sells physical products, especially those that are new or something that could use a bit of demonstration, your Facebook cover video could be a great way to show it in action. Furthermore, if you own a restaurant or store that offers a selection of different items, a video would help inform page visitors without overwhelming them by trying to fit a lot of content into one image.

Moving portfolio
Your Facebook cover video could also give you a better opportunity to showcase more of your work. For example, if you’re a photographer, visual artist, or graphic designer you could create a slideshow of your best material to include as sort of video portfolio. Compared to just one image or a collage, a video allows you to show more of your work.

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