Snapshot: A History of the Business of Social Media

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A History of the Business of Social Media

From its early days out of the limelight, social media has definitely become a major part of human life. It’s been integrated so deep in everyone’s daily lives that a lot of things cannot simply function without it. Businesses and organizations have been built around it, leveraging on its interconnectivity and real-time capabilities to improve people’s lives online and achieve whatever they set out to achieve.

These days, whenever anyone utters “social media,” a whole lot of us will immediately unwittingly being thinking about Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or Tumblr. Why not? It’s these sites that are ruling their own niches on the social Web. However, everything that is social online didn’t exactly come out in the last 10 years.

In fact, social media’s origins can be traced back to 1978—16 years before a select few even began calling the Internet that now painfully outdated “Information highway.” This information designer and data visualization specialist David Foster has researched and reveals in his latest infograph.

Here, we see the timeline that began with the formative years of what we not call social media—from being a mere proof of concept during the ‘70s, to a more massively influential social Web that drives both technology and cultural progress. It also includes business dealings around social media, such as company buy-outs, investments, the rise of start-ups, and revenues of major social media companies.

A History of the Business of Social Media

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