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Social Media Marketing vs Search Engine Optimization

The realms of social media and search engine marketing are getting intertwined, especially on the social Web where a fine balance of SEO/SEM and online interactions has become the winning formula site owners and brands managers employ. Of course we still need to identify our goals, and identify the right approach to achieve them. A recent inforgraph simply titled “Social vs Search” takes a closer look at both fields, their advantages and strengths, and what can happen when they’re both leveraged to work together.

In Social vs Search, advertising agency MDG Advertising explores the benefits and areas of a business search and social media are good at, and what advantages and opportunities can be had when both are combined.

Based on several surveys, the infograph shows the power of search, proving to be instrumental in the surveyed companies’ efforts to identify potential customers for their offered products and services, and for boosting local business’ visibility online. On the other hand, marketing professionals say that social media is beneficial for brand development and awareness, as it helps generate brand exposures, increase traffic and followers, even improves site rankings. Obviously, it also trumps search engine optimization and paid search when it comes to interactions with potential and existing customers.

Unsurprisingly, having both online methods implemented in a comprehensive marketing plan greatly impacts businesses, especially with search engines integrating social media into their algorithms.

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