Snapshot: The Sad State of Social Media Privacy

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Because just about everything online these days can easily be shared to a whole spectrum of people with a single click of a mouse, brand managers and social media marketers have begun plugging vulnerabilities. This is, of course a justified course of action, given that the security breaches online have been on a steady uptick these past few months, with malicious activities and social engineering targeting social media sites, and the people who entrust them with their precious information.

As the social Web itself is becoming a permanent aspect of modern pop culture, social media sites have been beefing up their layers of security. However, while these companies are taking the initiative to tighten security, the users have become the cause of security breaches themselves. This in addition to social networking sites constantly modifying their privacy settings and restrictions.

An infographic by MDG Advertising titled “The Sad State of Social Media Privacy” explores privacy on the social Web, shining a spotlight on the consumers themselves, and how they trust their social networks. It states that a majority of users barely trust online companies even though they are almost always on the site and are using their features.

Ignorance is another component that continues to hound social media privacy. For instance, 68% of Facebook users don’t even understand the social media giant’s privacy settings. This is not even surprising, as Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has been known to have rather complicated security policies.

Snapshot: The Sad State of Social Media Privacy

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  1. avatar Alex says:

    The title of this article really does say it all! The state of social media privacy is in a sad state, in fact some would even say that it’s a joke or virtually non-existent. Unfortunately a big part of this problem is us, the social media participants. Most people trust their social media sites like they trust that the chair they are about to sit in isn’t going to break. Surprise, surprise… Social media sites, especially Facebook, are not overly concerned with the welfare of the personal information of their users. Please stay informed and be very careful when visiting the social media highway. Thanks. For more information on this topic, please go here

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