Snapshot: Tumblr’s rise in the social media space

November 16th, 2011 by | 1 Comment

We’ve often talked about taking advantage of multiple social media platforms for supercharging brand’s digital marketing campaigns, and expanding their reach. Among the many rising stars in the social Web, Tumblr has got to be among the most popular, with both individuals flocking over to it with new and reblogs of interesting posts, and brands and businesses relying on it for supercharging their Internet marketing campaign.

In previous blog posts, we’ve shared a handful of tips for a thriving Tumblr presence, especially for brands and businesses thinking of utilizing the social blogging platform‘s features and capabilities to reach their goals. Indeed, it’s become instrumental in spearheading many link distribution and content marketing strategies.

And despite it being merely four years old, Tumblr has become a powerful presence in the social Web. Earlier in June, it was reported that Tumblr was hosting 20,787,904 blogs, surpassing WordPress, a platform that has been the blogging tool of choice among individuals and companies for years. An inforgraphic by graphic artist Emily Caulfield recently posted on Mashable shows a very significant growth of social blogging with Tumblr as a proponent.

Sourced from data collected from entities like media measurement and Web analytics company Quantcast, tech industry database Crunchbase, and The Wall Street Journal, among others, the inforgraphic shows the rapid growth of Tumblr.

Since founder David Karp unveiled the service back in 2007 with a $750,000 funding from venture capitalists, it now hosts over 33,313,876 blogs and is supported by a rated $85 million funding.  Also included in the infographic are details demographic breakdown by age and race, countries with the highest Tumblr penetration, and other fun facts.

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