Snapshot: Understanding Viral Content Marketing

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In the past few years, Internet marketers have been heavily relying on the social Web to be able to reach as much people as possible, and help expand their brand’s mileage online. Among the many strategies that have cropped up from the proverbial think tank that is the social media graph, viral marketing has become something a lot of brands have been trying to get into. It isn’t really an exact science, but there are visible patterns you can integrate into your own strategies, as presented via an infographic by Problogger.

The following infographic, titled “Understanding Viral Content Marketing,” is a good resource for those who intend on going viral for their Internet marketing campaigns. It starts with a quick definition of “viral,” and gives a closer, more detailed look at the types of content, and what commonly makes up a viral content. It also has a Venn diagram of characteristics of a good viral content design.

Maybe it’s because of the likes of Levi’s, Absolut Vodka, and more recently, Blendtec and Old Spice that brands began to think that yes, it’s very easy to do. Many can claim to know how to craft virally shareable content, unfortunately, it’s hardly that easy.

A lot of brands have tried and failed to use viral marketing to create buzz around their brand and pull in more people into their fold. Even tragic are those whose failures you won’t even hear about.

Naturally, every campaign is unique—it’s qualities and components dictated by a lot of factors. The general demographic easily comes to mind, but there’s also timing, niche topic, content type, and the social platforms you intend to leverage on. And even then, it can still be a Russian roulette of sorts whether everything melds well with the timing and the execution, to help you achieve your goals or not. In the midst of these, your brands will still need to conduct constant progress measurements, and apply real-time adjustments when needed.

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