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Social bookmarking isn’t often talked about when it comes to social media marketing, but it can serve as a powerful tool if you want to generate sustainable traffic to your website. There are different options for social bookmarking, but of these, StumbleUpon is worth mentioning.

StumbleUpon is unique among other social bookmarking sites as it allows users to discover new websites by simply clicking the “Stumble!” button which you can get by installing the StumbleUpon toolbar or by just going to the website. This ease of discovery is what makes it highly addicting; just “Stumble!” and you go from one random page to another.

The results aren’t totally random since they are based on a list of interests the user has determined as well as the other users he or she has decided to follow. Nevertheless, the kinds of pages you end up with can be so varied, as if you’re exploring parts of the Internet you’ve never seen before—all recommended by thousands of other users dedicated to sharing their special find.

As a marketing tool, StumbleUpon offers a unique way of promoting content. However, it takes more than just sharing what you have. Part of the social aspect of the website is connecting to other users so that the page you’ve submitted can appear in their feed. If your content is good, you may get a lot of up votes which increase the chances of your content reaching other users and becoming viral.

To get the most benefit, you also have to be an active user. Browse through pages submitted by your followers and vote for them as well. Otherwise, if you are caught using StumbleUpon for purely promotional reasons, your account can get suspended.

If you want to use StumbleUpon purely for marketing, you can opt for its Paid Discovery service. Paid Discovery allows your content to appear on the user’s feed as if it was naturally stumbled upon, making it an effective method of driving traffic and getting exposure, as well as up votes.



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