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What we all love about social media is that it is social. We can share things, from links to videos to messages with our friends, colleagues and online stalkers with the click of a button. We can then talk back, comment or pass that message on as well and do so instantaneously.

Part of social media is sharing your experiences. This is typically done through pictures and recently video as well as mobile Tweets. As we start to integrate our online and offline lives at a feverish pace, I wanted to share some ways that you can start to connect what you are doing with your networks without missing a beat.


Mobile Video Sharing App

Qik is an application that takes your mobile videos shot on your smart phone and gets them into your social stream quickly. Did you just see a crazy new product at CES or saw your favorite band play a cover that blew your mind? Snap the video on your phone and use Qik to get it on Facebook or Twitter in a jiffy. With support for over 130 phones this is a great app to share your memories.

Super Glued

Live Music Mobile Application

Super Glued is an app that is geared towards live music and seeing these shows based on your location. The app picks up Tweets about the show, maps the location, allows you to upload photos of the event with geo-tagging as well as Tweet about the show to tell your friends that decided to stay in that they are missing out on the show of the year.


Mobile Game Based on Location

foursquare is a mobile app that connects you and your friends with the things around you. With support for iPhones, Android, Palm as well as other devices this app has overtaken Twitter and your phone over the last few weeks. The app plays like a game unlocking badges and finding new things to do in your local community. All of this can sync with your social applications to keep your social stream active.


Facebook Mobile

Yea the king of social networks is everywhere with their mobile applications. From taking and sharing pictures to updating your status on the go, you cannot get too far without checking and checking and checking your Facebook again (just ask my wife!).With access for most smart phones along with the ability to text in your status, Facebook has you covered at live events.


Twitter Screens at your live event

If you are hosting an event in 2010, Twittercamp is now a requirement. Display live Tweets about your event using this free Adobe Air application. With the ability to select the keyword to display you give your attendees an opportunity to be the star and have a voice at your event. For extra points, have your speakers take questions off the Twitter screen. Here is a quick post on how to use Twittercamp at your music events.

Music Scout

Music Scout

Music Scout is a unique location-aware mobile music app for the Android and iPhone that enables music enthusiasts to express their thoughts and sentiments about the band they’re watching in real-time directly from the venue. Music Scout will also trace and identify people that are scouting and discovering the next hot bands before they become known acts, providing of course, they’re using the service, but to help encourage use we’re building in a future reward system.

What’s Next

Over the next year expect the amount of location specific apps to increase as we begin to fully integrate sharing our life experience’s with our friends and followers. I know there are tons of these apps already on the market, but I really want to know what you are using to stay connected and keep your friends and fans connected. Share in the comments!

This post was written by Greg Rollett, a music marketing professional from Orlando, FL. He loves using mobile apps to share his live music experiences!

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