Social Media Marketing in 2015—What Does the Future Hold?

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With the year coming to a close, social media marketers everywhere are all trying to get a glimpse of what 2015 has in store for us all. While many experts have already given their piece about what to expect next year, from emerging trends that shouldn’t be ignored, to platforms that might just come to an end, there are a few notable predictions, as well as recommendations, that are worth mentioning.

“2015 is the Year of Humor”

It’s no secret that humor is a vital ingredient in viral marketing, but there’s more to it than just making people laugh. When done in a clever way, humor elicits a positive response that could help in building customer trust and loyalty, especially among Millennials.

Brands Will Strive to Become More Human

Adding a dose of silliness also helps in humanizing brands, which is also something foreseen, and definitely advocated by some experts, in the coming year. Automation has become quite useful for social media marketers as it provides them with the “extra hands” they need, yet it still doesn’t replace authentic engagement with followers (not to mention that Twitter has tools to thwart spammy automated posts on the social network).

There is also growth in the role of video for content creation, which digital marketers can take advantage of to deliver brand message in a more authentic way and create an emotional connection with customers. It can be as easy as creating a behind-the-scenes video of the company, or having a real person host a video about a product or service, especially someone who people can interact with through the comments.

Going Visual in 2015

Speaking of video, visual content has seen exponential growth in the past months and is becoming the digital medium of choice for nurturing relationships on social media. The trend will mostly likely continue in 2015, which means companies that haven’t ventured beyond Facebook may want to start considering platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest especially if they have strong visual content to share.



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