Social Media Marketing Success Tips – Capitalizing on Value, Relevance and Trust

November 16th, 2009 by | 1 Comment


The rules of marketing have now changed. Modern marketers and brands, especially those early adapters of digital commerce, have come to realize that they just can’t get in alone. This is essentially true to Internet marketing. In the early days of e-commerce, marketers reached out to online audiences in ways that were really no different than the traditional means of advertising. Advertising banners and texts were common sections of websites, and they still are even today.

However, as user-generated content and influence proliferated with social media, marketing has dramatically transformed. Marketers and brands who win the hearts of digital influencers, or respected personalities in the online world, can also almost instantly win the approval of thousands of people.

These digital personalities are the new marketing allies of today’s marketers and brands. This new breed of online leaders heavily influences scores of followers with their blogs, tweets and through other means of sharing information on social media like Facebook, Digg and StumbleUpon.

As certain names are steadily dominating the virtual social spaces, marketers and brands are realizing the indispensability of harnessing these personalities. But how do marketers and brands win the hearts of social media influencers?

Marketers should be aware that just like traditional media, influential personalities have the power to make or break their brands. Becoming too pushy and too aggressive are simply not enough. In fact, these conventional marketing attitudes could turn off influencers, and could get a brand banned from that ‘celebrity’s’ precious circle of influence. At the onset, marketers and brands should try to win the hearts of these market ‘leaders’ by helping the latter see what’s in it for them. What can marketers offer in exchange for the influencer’s cooperation?

Another crucial point for marketers to consider when trying to win the approval of online personalities is the relevance of their products, service or content to influencers’ ideals. As a marketer, for example, is your product, service or content appropriate or relevant to a particular name’s interests? Are you confident that your service is able to provide value to his or her audience? Without any relevant product or content worth heralding, any amount of persuasion on the part of marketers to woo digital influencers would prove futile.

On the other hand, digital influencers have a solid reputation to take care of. That is why foremost in the process of trying to win the approval of digital influencers is trust. Marketers and brands should be certain about the trustworthiness of their products, services or content, and should be able to deliver promptly on their guarantees. Any product or content that does not live up to trustworthiness is certainly going to end up being shoved down to the recycle bin and left to oblivion.

So how do you market your brand with digital influencers? Create value, relevance and trust, and you will be on your way to social media superstardom and financial robustness.


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