Social Media Mistakes Bound to Make a Dent on Your Reputation

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It’s easy to slip up and make a mistake on social media. Autocorrect shenanigans and strong feelings that come across poorly to others are bound to happen on any account. But when it happens on a corporate social media profile, things are bound to get messy. Sometimes, a single wrong update can cause a catastrophic snowball that could cost your business’ reputation.

Here are a few common mistakes that have led to disastrous situations:


1. Not being careful with hashtags

While many have learned from other companies about being sensitive to their followers, not many are aware that a simple choice of hashtags could change the meaning of a tweet or post entirely.

For example, American Apparel tweeted to show their support for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. But this act promptly backfired on them as the tweet ended with a hashtag promoting a sale.

On the other hand, a number of PR teams and companies unknowingly created hashtags that quickly became laughingstocks across Twitter. Notable hashtags include Blackberry’s #RIMJobs made to seek new staff and Susan Boyle’s #SusanAlbumParty made to promote her new album.


2. Allowing strong emotions to spill out

If you’ve been up-to-date with what’s trending in social media, you might have come across the very public meltdown of Amy’s Baking Company on Facebook. While the criticism given to them was already bad enough, openly lashing out at their audience for it simply created a snowball effect that rendered them a laughingstock on the internet.

Another notable meltdown was when the Redner Group’s Jim Redner tweeted a threat to withhold review copies of the game Duke Nukem Forever if reviewers didn’t offer more positive reviews. This led to the PR group being fired by its client, 2K Games.


3. Not having control over what your employees say about your company

Employees at all positions are at risk of saying something potentially damaging about their company or about others that their company has connections with. When such situations arise, it could very well jeopardize the company’s reputation or their relationship with others.

For all these blunders, the best remedy is simply to become more conscious of what you choose to post. Aside from that, it may also help to create guidelines for social media in the workplace. With the right rules in place, it’s possible to prevent these things from happening to protect your brand, company, and employees.

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