Social Media Monitoring Lets You Adopt a More Strategic Approach to Your Campaigns

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Tactical SMM involves the use of monitoring tools to evaluate and analyze daily activities, online conversations, and negative or positive comments around your brand across specific social media platforms. To realize long-term value from SMM, marketers must integrate their social media efforts with other business processes.

This may include evaluating the strategic business impact of SMM, strengthening current initiatives for social customer engagement, expanding strategies for increasing customer retention and revenue, and implementing marketing campaigns to acquire new leads and eventually, customers.

If used properly, social media monitoring tools can help create true value for any business, from understanding customer needs and behaviors to building long-term and profitable relationships with your audience. Without such tools, here are some of the opportunities that businesses can miss:

Monitor customer feedback for product improvement
Saying sorry is the first step, but real improvements must always follow your apology. People complain on social media mostly because they want to be heard. They seek an explanation if not a resolution; otherwise, they wouldn’t have bothered to voice out their issue. By setting up alerts with your business or product name along with keywords such as “issues” or “problems” you can easily monitor and respond to negative feedback from your customers.

Monitor the industry and your competitors
It’s simple; you can’t beat the competition if you don’t know what they’re doing, so don’t just monitor conversations about your brand, observe those of your competitors’ as well. Take note of what your customers think about your competitors and look out for promising PR opportunities you can leverage. Savvy marketers should listen and hunt for opportunities to obtain leads and speak up even if they’re not the focus.

Monitor discussions to find influencers
In the world of social media, all posts are equal, but some carry more weight than others, so it’s a huge mistake not to leverage an influencer marketing opportunity. If you’re using social media monitoring tools, not only will you be notified when someone mentions your brand, but you can also filter the mentions according to people’s influencer score and easily find and reach out to VIPs when launching an influencer marketing campaign.

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