Social Media Strategies Conference 2009

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jun and zach sponsored and presented at the Social Media Strategies Conference on Tuesday, September 22nd 2009.  The event was packed with eager executives looking to learn more about how they can leverage social media for the benefit of their company and how to ultimately measure ROI.  The bottom line is that we’re all running businesses and unless we can measure the return on our investment, there won’t be much room for social media in the marketing world much longer.

Thankfully, many of the speakers touched upon this subject and there were even great panels that highlighted “How to measure social media.”

The Speakers

One of the highlights of the event was watching Hammer give a presentation about how social media is changing the music industry.  We all remember hammer from the good’ol days when an “MC” was attached to his name.  Now he’s one of the leading celebrities on social media and is successfully leveraging the online audience to promote his business and generate buzz for his projects.  He spoke about how social media has given artists and musicians a platform to showcase their talents without the need of an agent or strong backing from a large label.  Most of our artists nowadays come from grassroots efforts of people showcasing their talent on sites such as YouTube.

Ian Schafer was the second keynote speaker who stole the show with his keynote about how companies can leverage social media to become a more effective marketer.  Ian highlighted many strategies:

  1. Don’t focus on the numbers; the true importance is in the fan base you develop
  2. Measure and research before diving head first into social media
  3. Have a clear plan of action and write down what “success” means to you
  4. Forget about the hype, not every company needs to be in social media
  5. You ARE able to control your social media assets

The Panels

I had the opportunity of speaking on a panel full of prestigious people in the online marketing world.  I spoke alongside of:

  1. Rohit Bhargava
  2. Daniel Stein
  3. Matthew Yeomans

Our panel was titled “Learn from Cautionary Tales,” where our panelists spoke about social media campaigns that had gone horribly wrong and what we can learn from them.  Here are some of the case examples that I brought up during the panel that you can definitely learn from as well:

  1. Walmart
  2. Skittles
  3. Chevy Tahoe

Round up

What makes an event great?  Is it the people you meet?  Is it the material that you learn?  I honestly believe that the true value of an event comes from your ability to follow up with those you built a great connection with.

Time and time again I watch as people collect business cards but get “too lazy” to follow up with someone immediately after the event.  If you have a business card, email them within 48 hours so that you can initiate a conversation while the relationship is still fresh.  If you wait too long, the person may forget you or lose interest in your services.

Should you go to the next Social Media Strategies?

Most definitely YES!  Every person in that room left with something valuable.  They now know how to create a social media campaign and how to position their company to successfully utilize a social media presence.   If you’re honest, transparent, and provide value to the community, then you will definitely benefit from a social media campaign.

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