Social Networks’ Shift to Media Platforms—What This Means for Your Brand

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2016 marked the year when 62 percent of adults in the United States said that they are more likely to turn to social networks like Facebook or Twitter for news than any other traditional media outlet like TV or newspapers.

As people consume more of their news directly from social networks, these platforms will continue to capitalize on this by working like media companies and providing opportunities for publishers to monetize.

An excellent example is Facebook’s mobile publishing platform, Instant Articles, which allows news outlets to publish their articles directly through the Facebook’s app at a much faster rate than their standard browser. Facebook created this offering with the intent of streamlining the experience of news or article consumption on the social network. As a result, more users are now opting to read content directly on Facebook rather than via company websites.

Other social networks have recognized this opportunity to monetize products similar to Instant Articles, as seen in Pulse by LinkedIn, Medium, which was launched by Twitter, and Snapchat’s Discover news platform.

Given all of these changes and monetization opportunities, news publishing outlets are now investing more heavily in social platforms. However, without the budget or resources of major media brands like The New York Times or Huffington Post, emerging brands may find quality content to be insufficient to reach and engage their audience. One may even argue that content is no longer king—paid distribution is now essential when it comes to bidding, sustaining, and converting audiences online.

2017 is predicted to be the year for testing new mediums, as well as investing in paid media in order to yield the best, most accurate results from quality content. Brands also need to pay attention to consumer data and key performance indicators while embracing the shift to research and testing so they can reach and engage audiences with the best content.

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