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When I look out in the social media landscape, I see a sea of people on Twitter and on the blogosphere who are social media “experts” and “gurus.” I sit back and wonder: “How many of them have actually done social media consulting work for a company and built a successful campaign?”

I’ve been in the social media world since the beginning, and feel that I have met a majority of the Gen Y leaders who are doing things right. People like Monica O’Brien, Greg Rollett, Rebecca Thorman, and Cody McKibben are carving a great path for Gen Y social media consultants that produce high-quality work for clients and focus on results.

Social Media Marketing does not have a standard formula

Social media marketing is the newest form of marketing and the hottest buzzword right now. Unlike SEO or affiliate marketing, there is still no “right” way of doing it and no one has yet to establish a concrete formula that produces the results companies want. And there in lies the problem for most companies: Social media marketing cannot possibly have a standard formula because it is based on building real relationships with customers and clients.


Why the majority of companies still don’t get it

In my experience as a social media consultant, I have spoken to a lot of companies about how social media will bring value to their company. Time and time again I see companies make incorrect assumptions about what social media can do for their company:

  1. Companies want an instant increase in traffic and revenue
    Just like search engine optimization, social media marketing will not bring an instant increase in traffic or sales. It takes time to reach out to a target audience and build trust with them. The ultimate goal is to build a community or tribe around your company through social media by being transparent and providing the highest form of customer service and value.
  2. Companies focus on the quantity of new followers rather than the qualityThe number of fans you have on Facebook and the number of followers you have on Twitter does NOT matter. When it comes time to make a sale, if your follower is not interested in your product, then it doesn’t matter if you have 10,000 of them because these followers are irrelevant to your brand or product.Companies need to focus on the relevant fans and followers. A company may only have 1,000 followers, but if they’re highly target and relevant to the company brand, then these people are very likely to evangelize the brand to other people that matter.
  3. It’s not about building the profile, but what you do with itI think it’s great when companies go out and take the initiative to start a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Stumble, Digg, and a bunch of other social media profiles. However, companies need to realize that a company Stumble account is going to do very little in terms of ROI.You can’t just start a blog and hope that people will read your content. The content has to be value-driven and (in the words of my friend Derek Halpern), the content must be “to die for”.

These are just three of the many problems that will address and solve for companies.

What to expect from

We are going to be unleashing something very big into the social media world. Our team is composed of Gen Y leaders who have not only grown up with social media, but who have proven to be able to produce quality social media work for companies.

Our goal is to educate individual professionals and companies about how to concretely use social media to produce great results for their companies. We will be producing video tutorials, conducting video interviews, launching a daily podcast show, hosting events, and providing the platform where companies large or small will be able to confidently step in the social media realm and come out on top.

Get ready for a social media revolution lead by Gen Y.

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