Stay Classy; Do Visual Content Marketing Right

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Visual content marketing, when executed well, can be an incredibly powerful tool that will help increase engagement and attract links to your website. Moreover, visual content can help improve online visibility and inform audiences about your brand’s story.

People pretty much expect visuals to come with content these days—so give it to them. In fact, last year, 53 percent of marketers said that they publish content containing visuals between 91 and 100 percent of the time. So if you’re still not including visuals in your content, time to hustle; your audience might start scrolling down more and completely ignoring your posts if they see nothing but text.

When it comes to the most popular type of visual content used by marketers, stock photos rule. While all’s well and good with using stock photos, it can also lead to having incredibly boring visuals, or pictures that everybody has already seen dozens of times before. So if you must use stock photos, use them wisely.

If you’re looking for increased engagement, infographics are known to get the highest ratings. Using originally-sourced information and data, and then presenting them through an eye-catching visual that shows a little humor or your brand’s unique personality can do wonders for your popularity on social media.

Speaking of creating your own visuals, the most effective marketers are those with excellent time management skills. In a recent study, it was found that an overwhelming majority of marketers spend only five hours a week making visuals. This means that there’s really no “right” amount of time to spend on creating infographics, memes, charts, and other visual content; you need to know what or how much time will give you the most ROI. If you’re spending too much time making marketing materials and not getting a return, cut back; if your visuals aren’t getting the response you want, then spend more time on development so they can be more compelling.

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