Sweet Ideas for Your New 280-Character Tweets

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When Twitter’s new 280-character limit was rolled out to users last November, the move opened a new horizon for social media marketing for businesses, and yet received some criticism as well. Some believed that taking away the 140-character limit reduced users’ creativity and conciseness, and made Twitter just like any other social networking site.

However, the new feature offers brands on Twitter one huge benefit—storytelling. Businesses now have more room to make an emotional connection with its audience so that more people are made aware of what their brand stands for.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use Twitter’s new 280-character limit to your advantage:

Multiple links in tweets
More characters mean more links within your tweets. This means you can develop more substantial, value-added link round-up tweets, which can be used to link to your favorite influencers or the best articles in your industry for that week or month.

List posts
Aside from more robust round-ups, the new 280-character limit also delivers more opportunities for creating list posts and longer vertical tweets, which will visually take up more room in feeds, grab users’ attention, and more importantly, provide users with a lot of information in a single blast. Whether you’re sharing a list of your favorite tools, a quick how-to, or product recommendations, list posts with an accompanying link to the full article can help tease and drive traffic to your blog or website.

Longer questions and responses
Customer engagement is key for growth, especially on social media. More characters mean more room for you to ask longer or more questions in a single tweet, as well as respond in a more in-depth manner to build more engagement and interaction in your account.

Add more context
Part of creating an informative, well-rounded Twitter presence is retweeting others. By allowing users to quote tweets, Twitter provided the opportunity to add their own thoughts to retweets, which is a great way to tell followers why they found the quoted tweet important and why they should check it out too. More informative tweets with better context not only adds more thought and personality to your profile, but also builds more interactions and strengthens relationships with influencers and followers.
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