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Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2014

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Image by Jon Glittenberg

Things will be looking up for social media marketing and small businesses this 2014. Some of the trends we saw last year are set to continue and others will be forgotten, but it all comes down to how business owners and marketers will work to create good content and engage their customers and build connections.



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Boosting Social Media through an Integrated Strategy

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Image by Remco Wighman

While social media, or specifically communicating through known networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, is often thought as the best way to boost business, using it as a standalone strategy may not be enough.

Social networking is a great way to raise brand awareness by exposing your products and services to a potentially large audience. It helps with discoverability and fostering relationships with prospects, but online marketing mustn’t stop here if the aim is to convert followers into paying customers.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 08-02-13

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

How Brands Can Create Long-Term Influencer Relationships (

It’s one thing for an influencer to reach out to a brand. But it’s a completely different thing for the brand itself to establish a long-term relationship with a key influencer. As with any other social relationship, the key to a successful one is about knowing the other person and going the extra mile to make things feel personal.

5 Tips for Launching a Product On Your Blog Without Annoying Your Readers (

When you run a blog for marketing, it can be all too easy to annoy followers. This is especially the case if all you talk about is what you want to sell. Thankfully, there are ways to launch a product and market it without coming off as annoying marketing noise.

How To Use Content To Build Your Community (

Encouraging a community to grow around your brand takes a smart strategy. A successful one not only leverages different forms of unique content but also shows value towards influencers and followers through interactive media.

How to Setup Social Media Discussion Groups for Business (

If networking is a big part of your business, then creating a discussion group on a social media network might help you further your goals. Google+ Communities, Facebook Groups, and LinkedIn Groups each offer different features for fostering relationships with closed groups of all kinds

The Future Of How Businesses Connect With Customers (

While CRM software seems to be the biggest corporate software market, not many have actually implemented a CRM system. But with the rise of data coming from mobile, the cloud, and social media, the future just may be in leveraging this software to not only analyze the customer base, but also connect with them.

Mind Your Posts to Become an Effective Guest Blogger

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Image by Maria Reyes-McDavis

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to build awareness about your brand as well as direct traffic to your site. It is your way of showing your target market that you are an expert in your field, and that they can take your word with regard to the effectiveness of your products or the reliability of your services.

However, guest posting doesn’t simply entail finding any blog you can contribute to and sending as many posts as the site owner allows. For your contributions to become effective bridges to your brand, a strategy must be set.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 03-29-13

Friday, March 29th, 2013

The 5 Stages of Building a Culture of Community on a Blog [Case Study] (

Building a following is one thing, but what about a community? While this can be simple to achieve on a platform built for communication among different members, this can be tricky on a blog. Fortunately, with the right mindset, it’s possible to get the ball rolling on creating a culture of intercommunication.

Encouraging Existing Members of Your Community to Participate Without Nagging Them to Death (

Participation is the key to a vibrant community, but what happens when it seems to be in a sleepy state? While it’s possible to encourage members to go out and participate, doing it too much may lower their perception of your brand. Furthermore, it helps to take extra steps to ensure that the reminder feels more personal than cold and automated.

2 Exercises To Strengthen and Grow Your Social Networks (

Content can only do so much when it comes to building a social network. To further strengthen and grow what you already have, consider focusing on the people you’ve already connected with and get them connected with others. This in turn would add to your value as a connection.

Kickstarter: How Crowd Funding Is Changing Business (

Crowd funding takes community and business to an entirely different level by taking ideas and encouraging people from all over the internet to fund it. Making the most of it involves not just having the right connections, but also rallying a community through great incentives and engaging updates.

Email and Newsletter Design Best Practices [Infographic] (

Although the limelight constantly shines on Facebook, Twitter, and emerging stars in social media, email and newsletters shouldn’t be overlooked. With smart design, they can serve as essential tools to help manage your brand community and keep followers engaged.

Spicing Up Your Business Blog

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Image by McKay Savage

If you already own and manage a business blog along with other social media accounts, then you’re probably already established your brand’s online identity. But simply managing an identity isn’t enough to drive conversion. This is especially the case if your blog has been around for a long time. Your readership may have changed dramatically without you knowing it, so you may need to consider a new strategy to drive interest back into your feed.


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The Effect of Google Reader’s Shutdown on Blogs

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Blogs are known as one of the earliest forms of social media. Since 1994, people were writing and following these online weblogs that often chronicled people’s lives. Over time, many companies followed suit. Through their own blogs, they got to communicate with customers about their own products and services.


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