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The Effect of Google Reader’s Shutdown on Blogs

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Blogs are known as one of the earliest forms of social media. Since 1994, people were writing and following these online weblogs that often chronicled people’s lives. Over time, many companies followed suit. Through their own blogs, they got to communicate with customers about their own products and services.


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Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Blog in 2013

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Image by whatleydude

Although marketers are constantly a-buzz with new ways to reach their audiences, there are some approaches that have been tried, tested, and still hold salt today. One of these is the blog. In fact, according to Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence report, blogs currently hold the same rank as Facebook when it comes to influencing a purchase.

But why would you still consider investing in blogging when all the action is happening on Facebook?


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Weekly Link Round Up – 11-23-12

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

You don’t need drawing skills to create powerful images that amplify your content (

There’s no doubt that images will surely catch more attention on the social web. Fortunately, there’s no real need to be a professional illustrator or cartoonist to create eye-catching media that inspires audiences to share your creation. The trick is to simply remember that the underlying content trumps everything else.

5 Tips for Creating Pinterest Images That People Love to Share (

If your company’s keen on getting noticed through Pinterest marketing, it’s a must to create images worth sharing. But aside from employing all kinds of image manipulation tricks and graphic design techniques, there are a few things worth noting to make sure your images are sharable through Pinterest.

3 Ways To Get More Facebook Engagement By Using Photos (

With its new photo-friendly layout and instantaneous photo-sharing through Instagram, there’s no better time than now to harness the power of photos for your brand’s Facebook page. Aside from making use of the handy retro photo-creating app, there are other ways to boost engagement with different kinds of graphics you can share.

How You Can Use Infographics to Tell a Story (

Among the different kinds of images you can share over the social web, the infographic is perhaps one of the most attractive to audiences. In contrast to memes that provide a good laugh and promo photos that draw attention to your latest offerings, infographics establish expertise and authority.

There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills: Finding Hidden Content Treasures for Your Blog (

Having trouble cooking up new content for your social media feeds? If you’ve been blogging or sharing content for a year or two, chances are you’ll have something worth digging up and sharing once more. In fact, you can stand to benefit from reposting or repurposing some of the older things you’ve created back when your audience was much smaller.

Tool Time: VIP Liveblog lets you liveblog from your WordPress blog

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012
VIP Liveblog is a new plug-in that adds liveblogging features to your WordPress blog.

For a lot of companies, holding live events have become an integral part of their social media strategies. After all, it can offer a lot of benefits to brands, helping them reach out to their targeted demographic at an intimate setting. And for those who simply cannot physically be at the venue, some brands have opted to also liveblog the entire affair to make sure no one’s left out. For this, Automattic, a tech startup made up of developers from around the world, has unveiled the VIP Liveblog, a plug-in that lets you liveblog from within your WordPress site or blog.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 08-31-12

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Blogging Networks Can Expand Your Reach, Influence, and Income (

Blogging networks provide a good opportunity for savvy and honest business owners to monetize their business blog. Essential in expanding your reach is learning how to exercise good judgment when subscribing to a blogging network that fits with your overall business plan.

How to Turn the ordinary into the Extraordinary in Your Business Blogging (

Now that anyone can simply create content that can be seen by thousands and even millions of people, we can really say that the Internet has greatly changed the rules of content production and distribution. Amidst all the chaos, there are five things you need to consider when producing content that is far from mundane and ordinary.

4 Blogging Tips to Double Your Site Traffic (

In this helpful case study, Louise Julig explores four blogging tips that have helped Block Imaging, a provider of pre-owned and refurbished medical imaging equipment, double its site traffic, succeed in its content marketing, and gain more returns.

5 Ways to Lose Readers (

There are many articles that tell us how to encourage discussions and collaboration online and drive more readers to our blogs. But when the usual tricks don’t do it for you and your readers start dwindling and visiting less frequently, it’s time to begin evaluating whether your methods are actually causing your followers to flee.

Infographic: Anatomy of a Business Blog Post (

Setting up a blog and gaining readers is quite easy. However, the idea that it’s easy to produce viral content on a daily basis is far from simple. This comprehensive infographic enumerates general blogging principles that help your blog become well-rounded, interesting, and engaging.

Weekly Link Round Up – 07-27-12

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Google Changing Search Engine Optimization Rules (

Google has decided to change the weight of their emphasis from “backlinks” more towards a “social” web—Likes, Shares, Tweets, Reddits, Pins, and 1+ (the obvious favorite). The more content is promoted through social media, the more it is indicative of relevant content.

How to Compete with Established Websites on Google (

It’s possible to compete with the big players, even if your website is new. Instead of attacking them directly, work hard on targeting as many of the right keywords as possible and creating more web pages to attract more backlinks.

How To Write Content That Shines (

To be on top of the heap and attract readers to your blog, you’ve got to react to a smaller audience, open conversations and topics for discussions, provide concise but meaningful explanations, improve SEO efforts, and use captivating visual aids.

How Optimized are Your Web Pages? (

Too often, people underestimate the importance of website optimization. Improving your brand image, maintaining effective communication, and offering evergreen content can help you build a more robust online business and can impact your search engine ranking in the future.

How to Solve the “Creativity Problem” and Stand Out in a Crowd (

Coming up with good content doesn’t require you to be a creative genius; just deliver something of value that your audience hasn’t seen before. New, original, interesting, and remarkable content can earn you various rewards.

Five ways to combat comment spam on your blog

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Image by juhansonin

Launching and maintaining a blog for your brand’s content marketing and SEO tactics entails many responsibilities. And among them, content creators and bloggers are tasked to regularly produce and publish content, frequently engage with followers, share content across the social Web, and keep the blog and the brand safe from any form of intrusions. Online, these “intrusions” can come in different forms—from viruses (or is it “virii?”), malicious phishing sites, and Web spam.


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