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Google Wave Turns One

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

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Last week, Google Wave turned one year old. After a slow roll-out based on an invitation-only launch strategy, the platform enjoyed extensive conversations of its role in the future of online communication, but very little practice. Unfortunately, not much has changed, and the few individuals who were working in Wave at first have, on the whole, abandoned the platform since.


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Social Media Works Best for a Special Kind of Company

Thursday, December 17th, 2009


A decade ago, businesses used the internet almost solely as a one-way tool for communicating with consumers. Most business owners would set up a brochure website at best—offering customers only basic, static information about their products and services—with little chance to ask questions, offer their feedback, or truly engage in ways that foster real conversations around products or brands, or let consumers themselves help promote the things they love through word-of-mouth.

The Evolution of the “Social Web”

That has all changed. Now, instead of using the internet as a one-way tool for communicating, people are now realizing the web’s potential for creating an interactive, dynamic environment. In this environment, individuals, consumers and businesses can collaborate and communicate in new and simpler ways.


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