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Monthly Link Roundup – 04-27-18

Friday, April 27th, 2018

Influencer Marketing Has Hit Cryptoworld (

There’s a growing number of influencers on popular social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube who are being paid anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars to endorse new or initial coin offerings.

Brands Boost Influencer Marketing Budgets (

The latest trends in brand-influencer relations indicate that influencer marketing has hit the mainstream—marketing budgets are on the rise and micro-influencers are gaining popularity, especially on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Brands Hesitated With Marketing on Social Media, and They’re Doing the Same With Influencers (

These days there’s skepticism around the authenticity of follower and fan count, as influencers have started to become more and more expensive, and legal matters are getting trickier to keep up with and manage. Moreover, issues about measurement, brand safety, and whether influencers properly endorse everyone or not.

Spotting Those Influencers Who May Have “Bought” Their Following (

Before reaching out to influencers to market your products or brand, make sure to do your research and find out whether the following that they have garnered and the likes they’ve acquired on a post are legitimate. Turns out, people can buy their likes and following through the internet, and there are companies that will provide buyers with an audience of fake “bot” profiles to increase one’s following.

INFOGRAPHIC: Follow the Influencer to Follow the Money (

Recent studies explain why marketers might want to get onboard the influencer marketing bandwagon; turns out influencer marketing results on average in a return on investment that’s 11 times higher than that of traditional marketing methods such as TV, print, and desktop ads, or $6.50 in return for every dollar spent.

Weekly Link Round Up – 04-12-13

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Why You Are Ignoring the Most Important Data (

There is no doubt that business has a love affair with big data. It’s finite, scalable, and measurable. But the most important information lies in conversations. Unfortunately, the fascination with big data keeps people from taking the time to look into these conversations and analyze them with a human thought process.

New Study Shows 5 Factors Push Social Behavior and Not So-Called Influencers (

With a new measurement framework dubbed Pente, thinkers in New York challenge the notion of people who are “influencers”. According to the framework, it’s not the “influencer” who changes behavior. Instead, the power lies more in the message and to whom it was sent to.

Relationship Intensity and ROI Measurement (

As everyone in the marketing industry knows, there must always be a return on investment. Without one, no business can survive. But how does one measure returns from relationships built? Since a strong emotional connection drives brand loyalty, perhaps it’s best to measure relationship intensity along with the ROI.

The Psychology of ‘Trends’ on Google+ (

When people explore on Google+, one of the most salient things to note is the instant access to what’s trending on the network. While this does sound similar to Twitter’s trending topics, Google also shows specific keywords. Now, while it’s easy enough to get a trend started, the tricky part is getting it to spread.

With Pulse, LinkedIn Is Becoming The Newspaper Of The Future (

LinkedIn is best known as a place to build professional relationships. But with its recent acquisition of news-reader Pulse, it is slowly developing into what seems to be the newspaper of the future. By broadening what users think of it, LinkedIn steadily builds itself into not just a place for finding professional connections, but also for keenly following industry thought leaders.

Weekly Link Round Up – 10-19-12

Friday, October 19th, 2012

The Secret Ingredient To Viral Facebook Posts (

While Facebook on a usual day can be a frenzy of news and updates from friends and brands, there are some that cut through the noise and consistently stand out. What’s their secret? Simple. It’s all about relevance and timing.

Understanding Reddit Once And For All [Infographic] (

Aside from marketing directly through Facebook, why not try influencing influencers? Most memes seen on Facebook actually originate from Reddit where users with the most interesting content are upvoted to reach the front page, garnering millions of views. By successfully engaging the Reddit crowd, social media marketers may be able to tap into a following that influences audiences on other social networks.

Obama vs Romney in Social Media: Who’s Using It Best? (
On the other hand, powerful influencers in the offline world may or may not have the same hold on their audience online. Each with their different styles, Obama and Romney’s social media teams garner many followers and likes. But are their methods influential enough to rock the vote?

How to Find Influential People With Social Media (

Part of influencing others is getting to know other influential people in your niche. Unfortunately, it might not always be easy to find the people who matter in your field. This is especially the case when you don’t know where to begin. Thankfully, there are simple ways to seek out the influencers through social media.

Social Media Hazard: Do Not Get Discouraged When No One Reacts (

Although one of the goals in Social Media is to be seen and heard, it can often be discouraging when your actions don’t elicit any response. In some cases, it can even lead to downright panic, especially for brands. To combat this, consider whether you or your brand has been interactive, rather than just active, on social media.

Finding and selecting the right Influencer

Friday, September 24th, 2010

social media strategy influencer marketing with mannequins

Image by exquisitur

What most of us forget is that at the end of the day, social media is merely a platform we’ve all recently jumped onto for marketing purposes. Yes, it’s a powerful one at that, but again: it’s still just a platform. The success of our online-hinged campaigns still heavily relies on the strategies we apply on the social Web and our adaptability to every new technology and trend that comes our way. And so, online marketers need to find ways to optimize social media to create buzz around their brands and grab the opportunities as they come.


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Jump into the influencer marketing engine

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Image by inf3ktion

One of the best tactics you can jump on to while wading through the social network streams is by imbibing Influencer Marketing strategies into your campaign. Whether they’re celebrities in real life or merely Internet-famous, people who follow influencers hold on to their every word and so trust is forged on an intimate lever.


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